Hathor is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Nile System of Manticore Sector. A code Amber travel advisory is in effect for the planet.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Hathor is a planet roughly 14,000 km in diameter with a thick, oxygen-rich atmosphere and 47% surface water coverage forming large oceans. Surface gravity is equal to 1.2g. Atmospheric pressure is 2.1 atm at sea level.


Hathor was the first planet in Manticore Sector to be colonized by the Terran Stellar League's antispinward expansion effort, and as such has well-established ties to Earth even though it's almost two sectors distant. The population though has consistently been low - perhaps due to the unending tedium of a life on the Hathor homestead - rarely rising above its current population high of roughly five million.


The importance of Hathor is solely economical. The breadbasket of Manticore Sector, fully 80% of available surface land - and an increasing amount of ocean - is used for the growth of human-edible crops and livestock, including a number of the sector's most prized wines and spirits (a bottle of the Hathorian pinot Chateau Ste. Diamante 2450, for instance, fetching upwards of Cr. 30M in a Hudson House auction). The remainder goes in part to cities - which rarely reach the size of a typical Republic metropolis - but mostly to huge storage silos and warehouses to hold the huge, year-round harvest of consumables for transport.


The rule of law on Hathor has little to do with the rule of bureaucracy. The League's bloated, impersonal regime has dwindled not at all on this planet, where the Trade and Tariff Administration has simply traded the 'League' at the front of its name for a 'Republic'. All trade on Hathor has to go through the RTTA machine, and the system is structured so that any trader who wasn't grandfathered in through accomodations during the League reign - who are typically off-world corporations with a fleet of their own ships - has to fill out form after form before they are allowed to engage in a single trade visit.

The situation is made more complex by the presence of two other factions on planet - the seperate, nominally superior but functionally impotent Hathor Planetary Authority (whose functionaries are essentially handpicked by the RTTA), and the radical, vicious underground, the Alexandrians. HPA has Republic-endowed powers to oversee everything on planet except trade and shipping, and as a result concerns itself mostly with agricultural business. The Alexandrians on the other hand rejected the League's authority, and reject the Republic's rule - they see themselves as the rightful arbiters of trade and commerce on the planet, and have put together a well-organized smuggling cartel outside RTTA channels.

Travellers' Information


In what is otherwise considered a relatively safe and boring system, the Core Systems Scout Service has declared an Amber travel advisory in effect for Nile System and Hathor in particular, stemming from a tenacious and violent smuggler group in place somewhere in-system.

Threat Assessment

The bureaucratic obstinance of the Trade and Tariff Administration in all its guises has led to the growth of a smuggler underground - there being traders reluctant to give up the lucrative possibilities of shipping food to the many, many hungry mouths of Manticore Sector, and refusing to let a little thing like planetary law get in the way of that profit. The situation is made worse from the fortune and success of Hugo Alexander, Sr. - the smuggler kingpin of the Alexandrians crime organization - which has inspired many an unscrupulous trader to buck the system and throw their lots in with the smugglers.

In particular, the hostilities have turned the city of Amhothanen into a war zone, with few RTTA or Hathor Planetary Authority officials going into that city- because it's not out of the question for the Alexandrians to prowl the rooftops with primitive rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

Travellers' Resources

Hathor had at one point been able to service ships in the 5000+ ton range and entire fleets of lower-tonnage ships at once, but a Spartan raid conducted during the war resulted in the orbital bombardment of the whole facility, levelling it with the intent of keeping food from troops on the frontlines. As a result, only in the past year has the progress in rebuilding allowed the CSSS to reclassify the Hathor starport as a Class C facility. Refined fuel is unavailable, but a small-craft foundry has been opened and a full-scale repair depot rebuilt. The CSSS has an astrography facility in place (with a starport outlet open to sell updated charts), and there is a Traveller's Aid Society hostel available in the rebuilt terminal.


Hathor is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Mississippi System (Jump-1)
  • Tath System, Phoenix Sector (Jump-1)
    • Tathnel A55A315-C Lo, Wa Consulate, Naval, Research, TAS
  • Tigris System (Jump-1)
    • Eridu DABAAAB-B Fl, Wa Scout Amber
  • Danube System (Jump-2)
    • Vienna A78A9A7-D Hi, Ht Consulate, Research, Scout, TAS
  • Thames System (Jump-2)
    • Reading B4047CE-A IC, Va Naval, Consulate
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