Gyles Sullivan

Gyles Sullivan is a highly-distinguished, former Captain of the Core Systems Republic Navy. He was born on Reading during the opening years of the CS-Spartan War to Winifred Sullivan (née Shane) after his father, Lieutenant Marshal Sullivan (dea.), was placed on active duty. Gyles grew up on naval bases, and became used to moving coreward as the Spartans pushed farther into Manticore sector. Having spent his whole life under the shadow cast by the Spartan League, Gyles enlisted in the CSRN when he turned 18 for largely patriotic reasons.

Gyles' first posting was to the CSRS Vencel Moss, a Burke-class frigate. The Vencel Moss was part of the defensive reserve in orbit around Reading early in the war and would eventually be stationed at Danube after the CSRS Rackham's amazing defeat of over twenty enemy ships. Gyles was in charge of overseeing refueling of the Vencel Moss and was approached by some members of the refueling crew about skimming fuel from the ship and selling on the lucrative black market. Instilled with a "stern sense of morals," Gyles instead revealed the ongoing scheme to his superiors which, along with excellent work as a crewman, netted him his commission.

From 2482 to 2490, the Vencel Moss sees action as the CSRN pushes coreward and anti-spinward to fortify Danube and reclaim Seine. Gyles enjoys being an officer aboard the war-ship, joining a somewhat secret officer-only gambling club. During resupply at Vienna, the Vencel Moss took on a deep-cover Spartan saboteur that went unnoticed for several years before the Seine offensive due to Gyles being blinded by his relationship with her. Thankfully, he was able to notice her odd work before it caused irreparable damage to the Vencel Moss's maneuver drives. Citing his excellent service, Gyles was promoted all the way up to Lieutenant and ran the engineering deck on the frigate for the remainder of his tour.

Term 4: Participated in diplomatic mission at Lt.

With the war essentially over by 2494, Gyles has spent the last sixteen years of his life fighting the only enemy he has ever known. As the abuses of power by Republic officials comes to light, Gyles finds a new purpose and spends his last couple years in the Navy doing the thankless job of outing the worst officers in the Navy and pushing the bureaucracy for court martials. Gyles gains a small amount of fame during these proceedings, which are televised on the CoreNet. After the trials have ended, Gyles takes his final promotion and pension and retires from the Navy.

Character Sheet

Captain Gyles Sullivan (ret.)
b. 10 Jan 2460


UPP: 677B9E

Str 6 (+0)
Dex 7 (+0)
End 7 (+0)
Int 11 (+1)
Edu 9 (+1)
Soc 14 (+2)


Admin 0
Computer 0
Deception 1
Engineer (J-Drive) 1
Engineer (M-Drive) 1
Gun Combat 0
Gunner 0
Leadership 1
Mechanic 0
Melee (Blade) 1
Navigation 0
Pilot (Spacecraft) 1
Physical Sciences 0
Sensors 1
Social Sciences 0
Space Sciences 0
Tactics (Naval) 2
Vacc Suit 0
Zero-G 0


36,100 Cr

Comm (TL 10)
Cutlass (Dam 2d6+4, Heft -1)
Electromagnetic Probe (TL10)
Gauss pistol (TL 13, Dam 3d6, Auto 4, Recoil -1, Mag 40)
- Laser sight (TL 10)
- Secure weapon
- Five magazines of 40
Smart fabric cloth armour (TL 10, Prot 5)

Other Gear

2 Ship Shares
TAS Membership

Allies, Connections, Contacts and Enemies

Connection: Georgiy Konev


Enemy: Korina Eleni

Korina Eleni was a deep-cover Spartan spy in disguise as "Sub-lieutenant Claudia Sostrate." She joined the CSRS Vancel Moss's crew a few years before the Seine offensive and started a relationship with (then) Sub-lieutenant Gyles Sullivan. Due to his emotional involvement, Gyles did not suspect Korina/Claudia when he found issues around the engineering deck. Eventually the evidence led him to the inescapable conclusion that she was a saboteur. Korina spent the next eight years in various Navy brigs until a post-peace treaty POW exchange returned her to the Spartan Brigade. Korina does not think kindly of Gyles for his role in her imprisonment.

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