Gregory Jonsen

The Right Honourable Count Gregory Matthias Jonsen of the Hudson Jonsens, Lord of Fidelis
Baron of Erland-upon-Hudson and sole recipient of its incomes and goods
Bachelor of the Arts

While the fortunes of most noble houses wax and wane, House Jonsen is a steady rock in a sea of uncertainty. Or, at least, that is the image the house shows to their stockholders and the Core Systems media. Their concerns are widespread and varied, as are the exploits of their scions. Most are known as savvy business tycoons or selfless government officials, but the Jonsens have their fair share of black sheep.

Gregory Matthias Jonsen is one of those black sheep. Neither particularly studious or intelligent, he scrapped through college while spending the vast majority of his time partying on his family's dime. This continued well after he had graduated with a political sciences degree. Despite his constant leeching of the family coffers, Gregory had skill with speechcraft and the ability to make people drop their guard around him. He made wide use of that ability, charming his way up the social ladder while avoiding real work and dealing in the ages-old currency of favours.

Gaining Rival

Gregory is the third of four children. Of those, his elder brother and sister regard him with something between annoyance (on the bad days) and amusement (on the good days). His younger sister, however, is a no-nonsense type who constantly berates Gregory on his less than stellar ambitions and seeks to reform him into the hard-working image of the Jonsens. This has proven less than fruitful however and soured Lady Vivien Jonsen on the topic of her ne'er-do-well brother.

Gregory's eldest maternal uncle, Noel Jonsen, was something of a black sheep himself. The rotund man was notorious for his love of Mercurian sherry and became fast friends with the easy-going Gregory. Noel's marriage had given him no heirs, and upon the man's death, Gregory was shocked to find that the title and county of Fidelis was bequeathed to him. Noel did have one son however, an Esmund Heber, from his days in the Navy. Eventually news reached Esmund that what he believed to be rightfully his had been passed on to some layabout dilettante…

Once, Gregory's parents plotted to marry him off to an influential Baroness named Hannelore Linton Petru. At first this was wholly intolerable, but he eventually warmed to the idea. The marriage was meant to bind House Jonsen and House Petru together, and would cement financial ties between the two noble houses. At the penultimate moment, Gregory suffered an acute case of cold feet and left Hannelore waiting at the altar.

Str 4 (-1)
Dex 6 (+0)
End 6 (+0)
Int 7 (+0)
Edu 7 (+0)
Soc 14 (+2)

Terms: 4
Age: 34 years
Rank: 3

Admin 1
Advocate 0
Art 0
Carouse 1
Comms 0
Diplomat 1
Gambler 0
Investigate 0
Persuade 0
Social Science 0
Streetwise 1

Enemy (Jealous relatives) x3
Rival (Political)

1st Term:
PerDev (Soc +1)
Event Roll 6 (Diplomat++; Rival)
Advancement Roll, fail.

2nd Term:
PerDev (Dex +1)
Event Roll 9 (Enemy: Jealous relative)
Advancement Roll, success!
PerDev (Soc +1)

3rd Term:
SpecDilettante (Gambler)
Event Roll 9 (Enemy: Jealous relative)
Advancement Roll, success!
SpecDilettante (Streetwise)

4th Term:
ServiceSkills (Admin)
Event Roll 9 (Enemy: Jealous relative)
Advancement Roll, success!
SpecDilettante (Streetwise)

Mustering Out:
4 terms, 2 bonus rolls from rank.
1st Roll, Other Benefits: Soc +1
2nd Roll, Other Benefits: Soc +1
3rd Roll, Other Benefits: Blade
4th Roll, Cash: 100 KCr
5th Roll, Cash: 100 KCr
6th Roll, Other Benefits: TAS Membership

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