Golden Rule

The Golden Rule (hull registry code CSPYF7777) is a bespoke luxury yacht built by Tosca-based firm Armand-Dettwiller Starliner, S.A. and awarded to executive legal counsel Marc Dettwiller as a retirement gift. The Golden Rule is a two hundred d-ton vessel devoted to personal recreation and private transportation, and - as a ship belonging to one of the most prominent members of the Armand-Dettwiller mercantile family - is tightly secured at its home berth at all times other than when it sees use. The ship was essentially a prototype, never introduced to production due to the complexity and cost of programming the onboard AI, fancifully named Gui (in the Toscan Italo-French dialect, playing off the name 'Guy' and its pronunciation 'gee' in relation to a graphical user interface - a GUI).

The Golden Rule, Civilian Yacht CSPYF7777 d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 200 tons Hull 4 8
Streamlined Structure 4 .8
Heatshielding Protects on reentry/star heat 20
Armor None
Jump Drive C Jump 3 20 30
Maneuver Drive D Thrust 4 7 16
Power Plant D 13 32
Emergency Power 1.3 3.2
Bridge Holographic Controls (+1 DM) 10 1.25
Computer Model 4 Rating 20 5
Electronics Basic Military +0 Jamming DM 2 1
Weapons Hardpoint #1 Popup Triple Turret (Empty/Empty/Empty) 2 2
Hardpoint #2 Popup Triple Turret (Empty/Empty/Empty) 2 2
Fuel 84 Tons One Jump-3 and 3 Weeks 84
Cargo 7.7 Tons 7.7
4 Staterooms 8 personnel (max) 16 2
2 Luxury Suites 4 personnel 16 2
Extras Fuel Scoops
Aerofins 10 1
Library 4 4
Ship's Locker
Luxuries Steward/5 5 .5
Wine cellar (Hathor, Sprague, Daisy vintages)
Private Theater 500,000 onboard films plus CoreNet downloads
Immersion System Holographic projection chamber
Dining Room Onboard, automated two-star restaurant
Software Maneuver/0
Intelligent Interface 1
Expert (Sensors)/3 0.1
Expert (Astrogation)/3 0.1
Intellect/2 0.05
Jump Control/3 0.3
Evade/3 3
Total 200 135,300,000 Cr
Maintenance Cost (monthly) 11,275 Cr
Life Support Cost (monthly) at full occupancy 18,000 Cr
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