Beware all ye who enter here! Secret documents and spoilers abound.

Code Alpha Clearance

The Republic uses clearance code Alpha to correspond to matters regarding the Spartan Brigade, the Human-Skaald War and Prometheus Sector. Previously Code Alpha was a very tightly held clearance, with unconditional access limited to the highest echelons of the Core Systems government. However, with the end of the Core Systems-Spartan War there has been a growing amount of non-trivial information filed under Alpha forcing it to be opened up to a wider array of individuals.


The Core Systems intelligence community was presented with a major conundrum during the early stages of the CS-Spartan War. The navigation of the Van Ryan Nebula is an extremely difficult task, with the cloud dense enough to block distant starlight, it is nearly impossible to obtain and maintain a clear bearing for conventional astrogation, let alone chart complex jump coordinates. Republic common knowledge considers the Spartans to be the only ones capable of doing so, but the Spartans themselves see it differently; the ability to astrogate through the cloud is seen as a trait, not a skill, and a rare one at that. It occurs enough to allow the Spartans to man a fair-sized freighter inventory, but nowhere near as often as it would be necessary to stock the Spartan Peoples' Navy. And yet, the Spartan Brigade fields a large enough fleet to give the Republic a run for their money. So how were the Spartans getting so many astrogators?

The secret proved to be very difficult to uncover - the Spartans, naturally reticent and xenophobic, were and remain extremely difficult to infiltrate, and the Republic spent years and hundreds of lives trying to find the answer. When it came out, it was shocking, astounding, deviously clever and surprisingly simple; they weren't getting astrogators for every ship. They had created a supercomputer cluster called TEREISIAS devoted entirely to analyzing the Nebula's conditions and producing amazingly accurate forecasts for the jumps conducted within the cloud, to the point where a fleet using TEREISIAS-calculated coordinates could perform multiple jumps in quick succession without manually recalculating, emerging from jump in formations considered too tight and precise to be produced by conventional jumps.

It's worth noting that TEREISIAS coordinates were disseminated by SpartaNet, and in the course of leaving the Nebula and pushing into Core Systems territory, the relative inexperience of the Spartan astrogators was shown in increasingly inaccurate jumps and progressively looser formations, as the TEREISIAS calculations were left behind in exchange for manually calculated methods.

Code Beta Clearance

The Mirandolan people, and all other aspects of the antispinward parts of known space, fall under the blanket of Beta-level clearance.

Code Gamma Clearance

The Republic uses the clearance code Gamma to correspond with classified information regarding or relating to the Jensai people. This can include indirectly related topics such as Beacon Station. Code Gamma is not commonly granted to Republic officials not dealing directly with the Jensai on a regular basis, making this a clearance seldom seen outside Hydra Sector.

Jensai Technology

The Jensai's technology edge over the Republic is vast and the full magnitude of their advantage has yet to be truly seen. In truth, the Jensai are easily Tech Level 18 or so - their primary energy source is antimatter annihilation, their infantry are nearly impossible to detect, let alone defeat, many of their weapons are only marginally possible to reproduce with the Republic's level of technology, and there's no telling what they could possibly create.

Of particular interest to the Republic is their refractive shield technology; what would take considerable amounts of ablative mirror coating across an entire ship's surface, the Jensai can do with a smallish gravitic generator and a series of low-cost, high-output emitters. By creating a strong gravity plane away from the ship, the shield technology can bend light (such as that produced by laser weapons) away from the ship. This takes away all but the best-aimed shots and even introduces an element of uncertainty as to the ship's actual position in space. The gravitic lens produced also produces a severe shearing effect on physical objects, but the resultant acceleration makes the inbound solid object more of a kinetic hazard than any other sort (i.e., explosive for missiles), so the shields automatically deactivate when a solid object approaches the 'event horizon'.

Seeker Lashaste-of-Ruoh

Lashaste is a member of the Jensai Seekers group wanted for questioning in regard to her relationship with and involvement in the Beacon criminal organization headed by Chao Sidh. Republic dossiers tend to be fragmented and incomplete due to the nature of their subjects; Seekers go where they will, unhampered by the Republic, and do not always make their motives clear. However, a great deal of scrutiny has been paid to the case of Seeker Lashaste, her movements and her actions over the last five years.

In the early years of her Seekerdom, Lashaste rendered assistance to a damaged human freighter, the MV Anna Karenina, but was unable to do much but console their dying wounded. The captain of the Karenina blamed Lashaste for the death of his wife. The two crossed paths again three years later, with further tragic results; the captain and his crew put out a false distress call, and when Lashaste neared, opened fire from the Karenina's weapon ports, forcing the Seeker to defend herself. The wreck of the Karenina is a highly classified, intensely studied derelict, as it was the only known example of Jensai weapons discharge until the Battle of Beacon.

It is suspected that not long after this confrontation, Lashaste encountered Republic criminal Chao Sidh. That such a meeting happened was cause for concern, but the suspicion that said meeting led to Lashaste's involvement in criminal activities sent up red flags throughout the intelligence community.

Requests for information to the Seekers have produced little in the way of useful information about Lashaste's activities. Jensai-relations specialists have speculated that given her experiences, she might be suffering from some form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Angelfish-class scout

Jensai Angelfish scout d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 100 tons Hull 8 4
Streamlined Structure 8 0.4
Armor JSPC Protection 12 10 4
Jensai Refractive Shield +6 vs. beam weapons 40
Jump Drive C Jump 6 15 60
Maneuver Drive C Thrust 6 3 24
Annihilation Plant C 10 24
Bridge Hardened, Holographic Controls (+1 DM) 10 1
Computer Model 6 Rating 30 20 MCr
Electronics Military Countermeasures Suite +6 Jamming check 20 25 MCr
Enhanced Signal Processing +4 Sensors checks 2 8
Weapons Hardpoint #1 Pop-up Triple (particle/particle/missile) 3 10.75
Fuel Nil 18-24 weeks operation 0
Cargo 20 tons 20
1 Staterooms 2 personnel (max) 4 0.5
Extras Fuel Scoops
Ship's Locker
Repair Drones 1 0.2
10 Probe Drones 2 1
Software Maneuver/0
Intellect 1
Jump Control/6 0.6
Evade/3 3
Fire Control/5 10
Auto-Repair/2 10
Total 100 237,450,000 Cr
Maintenance Cost (monthly) 19,788 Cr
Life Support Cost (monthly) at full occupancy 3,000 Cr

Devilfish-class battlecruiser

Jensai Devilfish-class battlecruiser d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 75,000 tons 16,500
TL16 Wedge Hull 750
4 sections each Structure 750
Armor Ceramol Protection 18 15,000 15,000
Jensai Refractive Shield +6 Protection vs. lasers 75,000
Jump Drive (TL15) Jump 6 3,938 21,000
Maneuver Drive (TL12) Thrust 6 1,828 2,437.5
Power Plant 375 937.5
Bridge 1/section
Computer Core/ Rating
Survey Sensors
Fuel Nil 2 years
Cargo tons
Staterooms personnel (max)
Low Berths personnel (max)
Extras Fuel Scoops
Software Maneuver/0
Intellect 1
Evade/3 3
Jump Control/4 -
Fire Control/5 10
Total 75,000 Cr
Department Crew Crew Damage Track
Command 10 Dead (-)
Engineering 10 Survivors (-4)
Gunnery 20 Skeleton (-2)
Troops 100 Half (-1)
Flight 0 Weakened
Service 20 Full
Frozen Watch 80 Battle
Total 240 Overstrength
Passengers Massively Overstrength
Engineering Forward
Hull 75 75
Structure 75 75
Roll External Internal External Internal
2 Hull Crew Hull Crew
3 25 Sandcasters J-Drive 25 Sandcasters Command
4 M-Drive P-Plant Survey Sensors Structure
5 25 Pulse Lasers Large Missile Bay 25 Pulse Lasers Large Missile Bay
6 Hull Structure Hull Structure
7 Armor Hold Armor Hold
8 Hull Structure Hull Structure
9 25 Pulse Lasers Fuel 25 Pulse Lasers Large Missile Bay
10 M-Drive J-Drive Countermeasures Computer
11 25 Sandcasters P-Plant 25 Sandcasters Structure
12 Hull Critical Hull Critical

Code Delta Clearance

Delta-level clearance mainly pertains to the activities of the Kanbei Cartel, Penitent Brotherhood, the Bolivar League, and other spinward nations of concern.

Operation Camelot

The Penitent Brotherhood holds an odd dual status in many parts of the Republic - with religious advisors aplenty in diplomatic offices where their church is forbidden, and political advisors present in their churches when their political branch is unwelcome. The places where both are permitted lends them remarkable influence in the political activities of those worlds, and there is concern among Republic government officials that more worlds might be 'brought into' the Penitent flock, whether willingly or by force. And with the sudden and worrisome uptick in Order Militant spending, the situation has become volatile enough for Republic strategists to plan for war.

Operation Camelot serves as a reactionary measure in case of war; part invasion plan, part civil defense, part internment initiative, and part censorship program, Camelot is intended to reduce or eliminate the potential for hardline Brotherhood fifth columnists to gather and commit acts of terrorism and sabotage inside the Republic, while containing and neutralizing the Brotherhood's direct military power. Operation Camelot is hardly a politically correct plan of action, associating the belonging to the Penitent faith with sympathies to the nation bearing its name and predicating violence on that association, but the belief is that a swift military action combined with a humane internment system will permit the Core Systems to retain a firm handle on their mainstream populace.

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