Iridescin-β, RHSA code 'iota'.

Iridescin-β, or Glitter, is a powerful stimulant normally created from the batexium residue chaff that forms on new ceramol plate molding, though there are alternate methods involving other, similar byproducts. The substance can be refined into a yellow- or gold-colored paste (the color is usually seen as a rough indicator of potency) that is either eaten directly or liquefied and injected.

Glitter is a known carcinogen, and its use almost inevitably causes cellular damage and DNA changes. Offspring of Glitter users are usually born with severe physical deformities, including misplaced or partial extra limbs, fetus-like facial features, or mucousy, translucent skin. Mental problems and hyperactivity are also normally present.

Glitter has a high rate of prevalence among populations that spend a significant time in shipyards, close to the clandestine manufacturing labs. The rate of use among CSRN fighter pilots has been seen as higher than among other groups, mostly since the 2486 CoreNetCares public service holos. The character of Commander Allison Yukata on the holo series The Retributors is the deformed child of a Glitter user.

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