Garret Letts

Career:Former Explorer, now just another Ex-Con.
Age/Birth Date:42
Background (story told from his perspective):"I grew up on a frozen rock, all I wanted growing up was to leave and see new things, so when the scouts came by looking for recruits I was the first to volunteer.I was hired on the spot for a 4 year term and never looked back, first term I located a nice little rock with some nice tasty minerals, got a promotion out of that deal.Extended my contract another 4 years and met (enemy) we got on pretty good at first, did a damn good job working together,when promotions came up I got one, they didn't, at the time I thought they would get over it; I was wrong.Next term was just as sterling as my first, located ruins of a pre-flight society that predated humanity by a fair margin, poor baggers got iced by a meteor though.Recieved a promotion for that and even got a bit of training in Xenology as a perk, I miss those days.My fourth term of service was where it all went pear shaped, (Enemy) managed to frame me for some bad things, lost my job and what little reputation I had, I vowed that day I would make things right.To facilitate this I enlisted with a law enforcement agency, got through my basic training and such just beautifully but I got pinched in a undercover op, damn suspect IDed me and my employers decided to go ahead and jail me to save the operation.Spent 3 years in a cell, three years eating slab with nothing to do but prepare to get out and get even.Got thrown into the draft because of all this and did work with the Couriers, got robbed doing a delivery, I lived but lost my job and got to leave with little more than a scar and 25kCreds.I'm not getting any younger and nor is Zeke , time to get even or die trying."

Str 8 (+0)
Dex 9 (+1)
Endurance 9 (+1)
Int 10 (+1)
Education 11 (+1)
Social 5 (-1)

Survival 0
Gun Combat (Shotgun) 0
Streetwise 0
Gun Combat (Energy Pistol) 0
Medic 0
Engineer 0
Language 0
Computers 2
Life Science (Biology) 1
Space Science (Xenology) 1
Pilot (Small Craft) 1
Astrogation 1
Vacc Suit 1
Pilot (Space Craft) 1
Sensors 1
Comms 1
Mechanic 1
Stealth 2
Broker 1

Advancement History:

Term one Scout, Homeworld Ice Capped (Became a scout to get off that damn frozen rock) Gained Vac suit 0 from Homeworld
Basic Training: Piloting (Space or small),Survival,Mechanic,Astrogation,Comms,and Gun Combat (any) at Zero
Skill growth: Advanced Edu: Computers 1
Life Event:+2 DM to any Benefit roll during my time as a SCOOT
Reached Rank 1 Explorer in the Scout Career attained Vacc Suit 1 also got Sensors 1 (Exploration tree)

Term 2:
Rolled on Exploration, gained Life Sciences (Any) 1, Gained a Enemy(Ezekial Yevins)! Gained Rank 2 in career and Comms 1 (Service Tree)

Term 3:
Gained Computers 2!,Survived, Surveyed a alien world (From Tyrant:The planet you survey once held pre-flight alien civilization that predated human intelligence, but a meteor strike utterly destroyed all life on it around the time of Charlemagne. Gain Space Science (Any) ) Got promoted again! gained title of Senior Scout (Rank 3) and Pilot 1 and Mechanic 1 (Service Skill)

Term 4:
Rolled on Exploration again, gained Pliot (Small Craft) 1,Failed to Survive, Rival/Enemy got back at me in a big way, lost a point of Social Standing (reduced to 5 from 6), Lost my jerb because of that prick, I'll see them dead. Saved vs. Aging with a 5 total
Benefits rolls (5 total 3 from terms, 2 from rank)
Burned +2 Benefit roll, Acquired my own Loaner Scout Ship!
Other Benefits roll 2, Gained another Loaner Scout Ship!
Last three are money for :50kcreds,30kcreds,and 20kcreds respectively

Term 5
Qualified for Agent,Decided on Law enforcement path (All the more eyes to find you with), Took Streetwise 0 as basic training,rolled on Law Enforcement for skill, gained Stealth 1,botched a undercover Operation, was jailed to save the investigation.Spent time in prison growing more bitter, I WILL kill (Enemies name here) I've got two plots dug, one for each of us and I'll be damn certain they get filled. Managed to continue aging well.

Term 6
Drafted into Scouts to make up for jail time.Took gun Combat (Energy Pistol) for basic training,Gained Astrogation 1 from Courier skill path, Got injured in line of work for -1 dex, paid for surgery to repair injury,Astoundingly held up to aging once more, walked out of that 4 year hell 25k creds richer, and even still more bitter.

Stealth 1,Broker 1 from Skill package

2 loaner Scout Ships
15815 Creds
Mauler Shotgun TL9 (Range: Pistol)(4d6 Damage)(2 Recoil) (8 magazine) ( If able to compensate for the weapon’s recoil,It can fire at a Auto Rating of 4.)(3.5KG)
50 Shells of Mauler Ammo
Assault Shotgun (range Shotgun) (4d6 Damage) (2 Recoil) (Auto 4) (4.5KG) (20 Shot drum)
50 Shells of Assault Shotgun Ammo
Cartridge Fed Laser Pistol (4d6 damage,14 capacity,no full auto,weighs 2.5kg)
140 Cartridges for Laser Pistol
Improved Vacc Boarding Suit TL 12 Protection level: 12 14Kg
Customized Advanced HEV Suit TL 13 Protection level: 9 18KG (Additions:Personalized Image,Coolant Rig,Environment reader,Sealant Sheath,Magnetic Grapples,Smart Fabric,Extended Life Support, and a user toggleable Real-Time Tactical Video Suite installed)
100 TL 13 Water Purification Tabs, each tab purifies 10 litres of water.
4 Vacc Suit Emergency Kits
2 Improved Vacc Suits TL12 Prot:6 12Kg
2 Bulkhead Patches TL10
2 Protein Presses TL9
2 TL12 Starship Engineering tool sets
1 Advanced Welding Kit TL10
1 Survival Kit, Vehicle (TL 7)

Friends, Contacts, Rivals, and Enemies




Ezekial (Zeke) Yevins- Former Co-worker

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