Georgiy Konev

Georgiy Konev is a former Core Systems Scout Service operative. He was born on Sol Station One in Sol System, Titan Sector.

Character Sheet

Scout-Lieutenant Georgiy Konev (ret.)
b. 26 July 2468


Str 7 (+0)
Dex 5 (-1)
Endurance 7 (+0)
Int 8 (+0)
Education 9 (+1)
Social 6 (+0)


Vacc Suit 1
Zero-G 0
Space Science (Xenology) 1
Computer 0
Pilot (Spacecraft) 1
Mechanic 0
Astrogation 0
Gun Combat 0
Survival 0
Persuade 1
Medic 1
Streetwise 1
Comms 1
Gunner (Turrets) 1


10,000 KCr (Greenswards contract)

Friends, Contacts, Rivals, and Enemies

Capt Gyles Sullivan, CSRN (ret.)



  • Scout-Captain Cole Ponchartrain, CSRSV Lavigne

Scout-Captain Ponchartrain was Konev's commanding officer during the Core Systems-Spartan War aboard the Artemis-class recon frigate Lavigne. Konev was the duty sensors operator aboard the Lavigne during its pre-offensive scouting of Acheron System. The Spartan People's Navy became wise to their presence during their operation, and Ponchartrain always held Konev to blame for mishandling of the equipment for their discovery.


  • The Cuozzo Crime Family, Sol System

A young Konev was working for a scrap dealer on Sol Station One to pay for university when his boss ran afoul of the notorious Cuozzo Family for cutting them out on a very lucrative junk haul. Konev was set up as the fall man for the haul, and only a narrow escape on his junker shuttle kept him from being fitted for a concrete vacc suit.

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