Friendship is an unaligned planet in the Szabo System of Kraken Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Friendship is a large, cold world, 14,800 km in diameter, with a surface gravity of 1.3g. The planet has a thin, breathable atmosphere with a surface air pressure of 1.35atm. Liquid water covers approximately 50% of the planet.


Friendship is home to 4,000 or so descendants of a nearly-extinct Earth belief group that was voluntarily living several centuries behind the technology level around them. In 2237, after decades - and then centuries - of living in fragmented plots surrounded by modern buildings, the group's leaders decided to sell their ancestral land, making a fortune in the process that they converted into a space hauler and a deal with the Terran Stellar League that the group deemed acceptable to their belief under the circumstances. The League provided them with a world that was in the first throes of terraforming, and just past the point where terran life could live unaided.

The current population has been planetside for at least a dozen generations, living out their lives as they did on Earth centuries before. Their dress and demeanor are extremely mild, and they shun the use of most modern conveniences.


The citizens of Friendship have only minimal interaction with the rest of human space. Much of the planet's (limited) imports are for needed supplies or machine parts that the residents cannot fabricate, in exchange for a variety of handmade objects that - because of their novelty and rarity - sell for hundreds of times what the Friends expend in their creation.


The governments of Friendship are only at the family level, although there is a thin theological structure that has some small power over the society, mostly in the form of temporary or permanent shunning.

The people of Friendship abstain from outside politics, and are not represented in the Republic Presidium.

Travellers' Information


There are currently no advisories for Friendship.

Travellers' Resources

Friendship has no real resources other than hospitality.


Friendship is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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