Fonne Arcology

The Fonne Arcology is a Spartan-aligned contained living environment in the Marathon System of Manticore Sector. The Core Systems Scout Service has declared Marathon System - as with the rest of Spartan territory - under a code Red advisory. No ships are to enter the system without prior security clearance from Spartan officials, and no ships are to leave for Republic space without equivalent clearance. Failure to obtain clearance prior to entry or exit from Spartan territory may result in being fired upon.

Planetary Data

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Fonne is a Spartan-style 'rolling-pin' station, two long utility sections on either end of a 3km-long cylinder. The exterior of the cylinder is armored ceramol (built to military specifications) covered in solar receptors to power emergency systems if the fusion plants go offline. Internal atmosphere is kept to 0.8 atm of high-oxygen-content air, resulting in a strict no-open-flame policy on board. Artificial gravity is in effect on the station, and is typically kept to 1.0g for comfort of most offstation visitors.


Fonne was created to be a juvenile training facility for Spartan military officers, and as such only families and individuals with impeccable allegiance to the Spartan Brigade were allowed to 'settle' aboard. The capacity was estimated to 750,000 people, but a miscalculation in immigration control has led to a permanent population of twice that number.


Fonne has no real exports to speak of - all available resources go to supporting the vastly overpopulated station. One product that does make it off-station on a regular basis is textiles, clothing and fabrics for worlds who cannot devote space to such. There being the presence of a thriving black market, though, proscribed items are somewhat less-than-difficult to buy or sell aboard Fonne.


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Marathon System is not a Scout Service-supported destination.

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