Fisher is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Thalia System of Titan Sector. A code Amber travel advisory is in effect for the planet.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Fisher is a satellite of the gas giant Wyoming. It has an equatorial diameter of approximately 9,900 km, though its core is less dense than typical for a body its size, giving it a surface gravity of 0.8g. In its current state, Fisher's average air pressure at sea level is 0.3 atm.

Fisher is currently coming out of a long ice age. At this point, the only liquid water is in a band along the equator. CSSS seismologists have determined that the planet's core is inactive. At some point approximately 102,000 years ago, the planet was bombarded with comets for a prolonged period of time (probably due to the gravitational pull of Wyoming). Recent events prior to human arrival in the system nudged the planet slightly closer to its parent body, triggering the melting.


Fisher's permanent population numbers in the thousands - almost everyone planetside is directly involved with the extraction and export of water by the hundreds of ships making the loop from the equator to the poles or the poles to the stations. The immediate administrators are the only ones that reside on the surface- most corporate workers reside in the stations overhead.


Fisher's unique resource was quickly exploited by the League following its discovery in 2191. With Earth's population crunch and the emergent colonies' needs for water at crisis levels, the discovery of a "galactic fountain" (as some early groups attempted to brand it) was seen as a godsend. Several competing groups seized the opportunity - today, much of the water traded in Titan Sector originates on Fisher (or so the labels claim).


The resource wars of Earth's past taught the ruling classes the importance of water. The original companies that first dipped their fleets into Fisher's great endless sea have long since been bought, sold, and reassembled. The current cartel of super-corporations is a minor political entity in its own right.

Travellers' Information


The cartel strongly opposes unauthorized traffic onto the planet's surface - most travellers to Fisher only see it from the pair of corporate space station orbiting the planet in geosynchronous orbit above the poles. The cartel claims this is to prevent water contamination by unlicensed extraction ships. Because of this restriction, a code Amber advisory has been applied to the planet. This advisory does not apply to the orbital stations.

Travellers' Resources

The stations are the equivalent of class-B starports. There is no TAS on either station.


Fisher is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):


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