Erin is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Meteoras System of Thunderbird Sector. A code-Red tag has been applied to the entire system because of ambient dangers and known pirate activity.

Erin (the leftmost object) orbits its star just beyond the edge of the Victoria Falls Nebula.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Erin is a gas giant approximately 201,300 km in diameter. It does not have any natural satellites.


The Core Systems Scout Service has declared Meteoras System officially uninhabited. Unofficially, there are probably at least one or two pirate craft in the system at any time, but verifying that is impossible (see Advisories, below).


There is no legitimate economic activity in Meteoras System.


The only political systems in the region are onboard ships.

Travellers' Information


Meteoras System's proximity to the Victoria Falls Nebula renders any CoreNet or ship-to-ship communication impossible. Sensor blindness is common - anyone in-system should expect to be operating on sight only.

Pirates frequently use the system as a resting or refueling point, taking advantage of the system's "invisibility" effect to avoid Navy ships.

Travellers' Resources

There are no resources of note in Meteoras System


Erin is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Austru
  • Cordonazo
  • Suestado
    • Kajang A000568-D Consulate, Navy, Research, TAS Amber
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