Eridu is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Tigris System of Manticore Sector. A code Amber travel advisory is in effect for the planet.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Eridu is a massive planet of over 16,000 km in diameter. The planet has an odd nitrogen-ethane mix atmosphere, requiring an independent air supply to be used for all oxygen-breathing species. The planet is covered in a soup of complex hydrocarbons that are inimical to Earth life, and what's more covers all of the planet's surface. Surface gravity is 1.4g. Atmospheric pressure is approximately 1.2atm at sea level.


Despite there being no surface area to speak of, the Core Systems has built an impressive-sized colony on Eridu, with some thirty-nine billion citizens making their home on the planet or in one of the orbiting facilities. The largest facility is a huge domed city operating at or up to thirty meters below sea level by using gravitic accelerator channels to displace fluid.


Eridu, in the eyes of the CSFR, is one big oil refinery - the fluid oceans and parts of the atmosphere are nearly-pure petrochemicals, which still find use in lower-tech economies sectorwide. Research facilities have also determined that the stable fluid oceans preserve rare metals that are beginning to be excavated and exported.


Eriduans have chosen an extremely popular individual named Shan Dar to be their head of state and Core Systems representative, and all planetary officials report to him. Of course, on a planet of such overwhelming numbers of people, there's bound to be a dissident movement of sorts, and Eridu's is in the form of a splinter sect of the Penitent Brotherhood. Considered a fringe group by all but their members, these religious extremists are a nuisance at best and a threat to planetary security at worst.

Travellers' Information


The Core Systems Scout Service has declared a code Amber travel advisory in effect on Eridu indefinitely. The planet's non-oxygen atmosphere and non-water oceans make it inimical to settlement at best, and impossible to survive unprotected at worst. The CSSS recommends that no unnecessary stops be made on planet Eridu, and travellers go against this recommendation at their own risk.

Travellers' Resources

Eridu's Underwave City houses only a Class-D starport, accessible only when the city has surfaced on the ocean. The starport has up-to-date astrographic downloads for any travellers passing through, and the city itself holds the Advanced Nonaquatic Oceanography Institute - authority on Eridu's unique composition.


Eridu is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Danube System (Jump-1)
    • Vienna A78A9A7-D Hi, Ht Consulate, Research, Scout, TAS
  • Mississippi System (Jump-1)
  • Nile System (Jump-1)
    • Hathor C985696-8 Ag Pirate, Scout, TAS Amber
  • Hudson System (Jump-2)
    • Hudson C666644-D Ga, Ri Consulate, TAS
  • Seine System (Jump-2)
    • Rouen A467463-D Ht Consulate, Naval, Research, TAS
  • Tath System, Phoenix Sector (Jump-2)
    • Tathnel A55A315-C Lo, Wa Consulate, Naval, Research, TAS
  • Thames System (Jump-2)
    • Reading B4047CE-A IC, Va Naval, Consulate
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