Elton Hanover


Sir Elton Hanover

Rank 2 Scientist

13 Intelligence (+2), 11 Education (+1), 11 Social Standing (+1), 7 Dex (0), 4 End(-1), 4 Str(-1)

Asteroid homeworld, Werner

Zero-G 0
Computer 0
Physical Sci (chemistry) 1
Space Sci 0
Life Sciences (biology) 1
Art (Writing) 1
Comms 0
Diplomat 0
Medic 0
Investigate 0
Social Sciences 0

Stuff: 55,130, a share of a lab ship
Hand computer/2, integrated comm 1500c
2 spare commdots 20c
medkit TL 10 1500c
Stunner, damage 2d6+3, 2 power packs, 100 shots per. 950c (see page 101)

Born on Werner, Elton was the son of a respected physicist, Graham Hanover, and a scion of a good family, Ellen Hanover-Castille. The family was there for Graham's work, which he didn't discuss much with them. He spent a lot of time out of the artificial gravity growing up, causing bone density loss and underdeveloped muscles.

18-22 I learned how to learn and made friends at the University. I was an intern for a cutting-edge bioengineering project that I got into by virtue of my family name and great grades.

22-26 I fell in love with a marvelous gal who was my helpful assistant on my doctorate project. My thesis was brilliantly written and supported. Unfortunately we split up when disagreements about who contributed what devolved into a battle for patents in court.

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