Edgar Vodyanoi

Name: Edgar Vodyanoi
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Hails from :UWB-24767, a planet-like gravitational anomaly (Water world, vaccuum)
Astrogation 1
Diplomat 0
Drive 0
Engineer 0
Gunner (turret) 1
Gun combat (pistols) 2
Gun combat (rifles) 1
Mechanic 0
Melee(blade) 1
Pilot (small ships) 1
Recon 0
Seafarer 0
Tactics 0
Zero-G 1
Vacc suit 1

Vacc suit: Rating 6
Leather overcoat: Rating 1
Laser pistol: 3d6+3
Cutlass 2d6+4
Prosthetic hand - shitty cheap plastic, does not give any sort of bonus
Space dosh:100 000 doshbucks

Ally (Bones, Mafia member)

Edgar was born on one of UWBs- classified as "water worlds", these anomalies in space were nothing more than bubbles of water and grime with atmosphere.
Edgar's family harvested rare chemical compounds found in planet's "core". Edgar was learning quickly and soon he could pilot small submarine used with great skill. At the age of 18, though, he was drafted. His chosen path of career was "fighter pilot" - after all, does submarine differ that greatly from spacecraft?
It does. On the first year of training Edgar's tendency to show off got him into trouble - on the training mission he crashed badly, lost a hand and got and got thrown out.
Returning on his home planet like that wasn't an option - Edgar already got used to life of a "promising cadet of imperium's strongest force" and like hell he would return to the stink of various chemicals in cramped submarine. Thankfully there always was demand for workforce on the planet where Edgar was sent to - and he has chosen the absolutely worst job.
"Angry bee", the officially- innocent mineral harvester - actually was harvesting cargo of other ships and it was very good at its job. Edgar quickly learned how to fight inside ships, how to use stupidly heavy piece of metal and how to use laser pistol when there was n danger of hull breach. During his "adventures" he managed to gain trust of mafia - namely "bones", whom he saved from The Hand Of Law - and, as a result, "Angry Bee" got support from mafia.
During the adventure then-Lieutenant Edgar got a very valuable information - the map. Not just any treasure map- this one was the map from "Golden galleon" - the most famous pirate ship of the past, thought to be a legend . Legends told that it held unimaginable riches - and when battered and broken "Angry Bee" reached its destination legends proved to be true. There was a problem, though - "in its current state "Angry Bee" was not able to lift off planet. It could support the crew for indefinite amount of time but, in an ironic twist, they were fated to live the rest of their lives there with only a small rescue spacecraft as their last hope.
Edgar was chosen to leave the planet with only 100 000 (a measly part of all the treasure found inside the Galleon) in search of a ship suitable for lifting crew and treasure from the planet.

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