Dynamic-type Tramp Trader
Simple Dynamic-type schematic. Further information is not available in this library.

Without free access to the Core Systems' shipwrights, the Mirandolans found themselves in need of a general purpose vessel, so the Condorcet starport began knocking together ships as best they could at an orbital drydock. Thus, the Dynamic trader was born - a bigger, rougher, less presentable kin to the slick traders of Republic space, but one which could easily traverse the broken-up network of Thunderbird Sector's stars - and beyond.

The Dynamic-class vessel Deng Ma of Ferrera Clan Mercantile was found destroyed in Iota Manticore system in 2498 and was the home vessel of Mirandolan joie-de-vivre Constanza Ferrera.

Dynamic-type Trader d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 500 tons Hull 10 28.8
Distributed Structure 10
Jump Drive E Jump 2 30 50
Maneuver Drive C Thrust 1 5 12
Power Plant F 16 40
Bridge 20 2.5
Computer Model 1/bis Rating 5/10 JC .045
Electronics Standard -4 DM to Jamming
Weapons Hardpoint #1
Hardpoint #2
Hardpoint #3
Fuel 120 tons One Jump-2 and 4 weeks 120
Cargo 208 tons 208
4 Staterooms 8 personnel (max) 16 2
10 Low Berths 10 cold sleep passengers 5 .5
Extras Ship's Locker
Cutter (including fuel, cargo modules) 80 29.9
Software Maneuver/0
Jump Control/2 0.2
Total 500 189,945,000 Cr
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