Dutiful-class bulk hauler

First laid down in the mid-2300s as an inexpensive hauling craft, the Morgan and Prochnow D8800 Dutiful-class bulk hauler was an unpretentious cargo hauler for those who needed to get lots of cargo in a leisurely manner. While it proved a sturdy and reliable ship, the need for faster transport (and the cost of retrofitting older vessels) was ultimately its undoing, when the Dutiful was replaced in common usage by the Gallant-class freighter by the 2450s. That hasn't stopped many individuals - like the long-rumored Saul Mirra of Hydra Sector - from maintaining century-plus-old Dutifuls in working - occasionally better than simply 'working' - condition.

D8800 Dutiful-type Trader d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 1500 tons Hull 30 140
Distributed Structure 30 (14)
Jump Drive G Jump 1 40 70
Maneuver Drive G Thrust 1 13 28
Power Plant G 22 56
Bridge 40 7.5
Computer Model 1 Rating 5 .03
Electronics Standard -4 DM to Jamming
Weapons Hardpoint #1
Fuel 450 tons Two Jump-1s and 10 weeks 450
Cargo 890 tons 890
10 Staterooms 20 personnel (max) 40 5
10 Low Berths 10 cold sleep passengers 5 .5
Extras Ship's Locker
Software Maneuver/0
Jump Control/1 0.1
Total 1500 293,130,000 Cr
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