Dragon Sector
Standard civilian astrogation chart, circa 2498

Dragon Sector is a Core Systems Free Republic territory, one sector rimward from Titan Sector and Earth. The first colony established was XXXX Colony, XXXX System in XXXX. The Sectoral Congress is stationed on planet Agarwal, Merkel System. The CSFR shares Dragon Sector with the Penitent Brotherhood, who hold seven systems in the sector.


By Earth astrogational standards (see Core Systems Scout Service), Dragon Sector is 1 sector rimward from Earth (technically Titan Sector). This gives Dragon Sector's relative grid coordinates the dimensions of (0X1X). XXXX System, for example, is at relative coordinates 0X1Y.

Coreward: Titan Sector
Rimward: *unknown*
Spinward: Kraken Sector
Antispinward: Thunderbird Sector

Political Status

The Core Systems Free Republic asserts political control of the majority of the sector, which does not mean the same thing as controlling the majority of the sector. The rimward systems of the sector are unaligned at best and insularly hostile at worst. The Penitent Brotherhood has seven systems in the "northeast" of the sector - their home system of Hobbes, Justinian, Rhazes, Hypatia, Abelard, Maimon and Petrarch Systems - separating the spinward colonies of Dragon Sector from their Thunderbird Sector neighbors.

List of Systems

The following is a list of systems in the sector and the sites of note in them.

  • Abelard
    • D331423-6
  • Alentour
  • Bascomb
  • Fidelis
  • Hobbes
  • Hypatia
    • C030455-D
  • Justinian
    • B744740-9 Amber
  • Kant
  • Kudernah
  • Maimon
    • A406786-D
  • Merkel
    • Agarwal A332689-D Consulate, Scout, TAS
  • Morimoto
  • Odermann
  • Petrarch
  • Ranger
    • Colus A5337CB-C Consulate, Research, Scout, TAS
  • Rhazes
  • Sadel
  • Specter
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