Delia Liberius

Delia Liberius grew up on an unnamed planet, Scout code C8a2104-8 S. The planet is what's left of an abandoned colony project, a small settlement of people left after years of depopulation due to the exotic atmosphere and uncaring government. Delia spent his young years exploring the area around his home with his father, learning about the Republic and the Scouts while acting out fantasies of space exploration in their little off-road vehicle. He enlisted with the Scouts promptly, and saw service in his home sector, exploring the edges of the galaxy and avoiding the Bolivar League. He did extremely well his first few years, tooling about the Dragon sector in his scout ship. Things turned for the worse when he was found on the edge of Bolivar space, craft sent drifting on it's own. This was followed by a short stint in the Marines, drafting himself to try and get into something to explore the stars a bit more. This backfired when he attempted to defend his superior officer, Julianne Marionette, who was accused of assaulting some locals at the port they were stationed at. He tried to help her cover it up, only to be kicked out after learning she really did do it. He now spends time trying to find his way onto a ship, looking for work.

Delia stands about five foot, eleven inches, and has light tanned skin. A shock of black hair comes from his head, generally disheveled in some way or another. His eyes are green, and his body is more lithe than muscular despite his size. He only weighs around one hundred fifty pounds, and tends to have a smile on his face, revealing well kept teeth. He's been known to dress in heavy denim pants with boots, a heavy shirt under a rugged jacket, topped off with an old tan cowboy hat that belonged to his father. Delia is generally found in good spirits, laughing and always willing to explore and get into adventures.

Delia Liberius, 32 Years Old
CSS Scouts, ex-Scout
CSS Marines, ex-Marine
b.24 May,

Str 5 (-1)
Dex 8 (+0)
End 7 (+0)
Int 10 (+1)
Edu 7 (+0)
Soc 3 (-2)

Comms 1
Vacc Suit 1
Advocate 1
Pilot (Spacecraft) 1
Gun Combat (Shotguns) 1
Computer 0
Drive 0
Survival 0
Mechanic 0
Astrogation 0
Comms 0
Stealth 0

30,000 Cr


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