Daumier is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the XXXX System of Dragon Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Daumier is about 11,400 km in diameter. It has a standard nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. However, as Daumier is a desert world with only 3% of its surface being open water (largely in oases), there is a noticeable lack of water vapor content. Surface gravity is 0.9g. Atmospheric pressure at ground level is 1 atm.


Daumier has a population of roughly four million inhabitants, spread out across the world in countless tribes. These tribes are usually based in a small town located under life-supporting geodesic domes and are built around extended families. The entire population follows various sects of ancient religions that have managed to survive the test of time with varying degrees of success. The majority of these inhabitants arrived in the 23rd century in self-imposed exile and have had little to no exposure with the Republic at large since.


Daumier has a strict ban on alcohol, narcotics, and imported foodstuffs, all prohibited by their religion. Imports of items above their current Technology Level (CSSS Grade 5) are controlled, a few exceptions are materials needed to maintain their life-supporting dome-cities and ores that are difficult to acquire on the planet. Daumier exports textiles and other finished goods infrequently, but they have found a market among some upper-class citizens who find them exotic.



Travellers' Information


Landing is permitted only at the designated Core Systems-controlled starport. Those wishing to land elsewhere must have authorization from the starport. The population is highly spiritual, review local customs before landing. Daumier is plagued by roving sandstorms, which can be hazardous to travelers on foot and inhibit visibility. The gale-force winds that accompany these sandstorms play havoc with aircraft and hovercraft. Staying inside during these sandstorms is highly recommended.

Travellers' Resources

Daumier's Class E starport can do little but basic maintenance and refueling. Refined fuel is not available. There are no TAS accommodations available on Daumier.


Daumier is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):


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