Dandelion is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Ararat System of Phoenix Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Dandelion is fairly large, with an equatorial diameter of about 15,000 km. It has a thin, low atmosphere (0.45atm) that extends approximately 400 m above sea level - this allows a significant amount of stellar radiation to pass through to the planet's surface (see the advisory in the Travellers' Information section). No part of the planet's geography breaches the atmosphere, though some places come very close. Surface gravity is about 1.3g.

Dandelion's surface experienced severe volcanic activity until relatively recently, which has led to its unique current landscapes, called "the most wonderful proof of the universe's randomness" by Universal Geographic. It is a life-bearing world, with a few species of moss-like plants that cover most of the dry land. Liquid water covers about 18% of the surface.


The Echwas Corporation maintains several corporate colonies on Dandelion to oversee the extraction of resources. About 8 million people live on the planet, and approximately as many robotic workers.


Dandelion's crust contains a wide array of useful elements, including uranium, cobalt, and tungsten. The planet's surface and atmospheric characteristics make it unsuitable for agriculture, so all crops must be imported or grown in shielded structures.

The native flora is also a valuable resource. After botanical evolutionist Sarah Cohen's work, the moss' structures became the basis of current anti-radiation drugs, and their DNA is routinely harvested for examinations of further beneficial strains.


The Echwas Corporation has rights to most of the resources on Dandelion, but a few other groups maintain small operations on the planet. The only law on Dandelion is the Echwas mining police.

Travellers' Information


Core Systems Scout Service has assigned an Amber status to Dandelion because of increased exposure to radiation. The planet's thin atmosphere allows more radiation to reach the surface than humans can safely abide for long periods of time.

Travellers are advised that landing is permitted only at the starport in Wicker.

Travellers' Resources

There is no TAS on Dandelion.


Dandelion is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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