Holoimage series taken by Jason Shepard.

The creatures designated Daks are sapient xenofauna of unknown origin.

Spade specimen

It was first discovered in a transport container by the crew of The Better Life en route to Volga System. According to the woman who was attempting to smuggle the creature off of Spade, it was purchased on Leopold.

Dak is slightly more than 1m tall, and bears several features reminiscent of Terran geckos, though it has a mostly bipedal stance. Its bite carries a paralyzing toxin. It enjoys horse meat, and seems to dislike the taste of humans, although it has bitten at least two people since it was released from storage. Despite its unusual heritage, it still shares the weakness to chocolate exhibited by no small minority of animals native to Earth. Upon ingestion it was quickly regurgitated. In addition, it seems clear that it doesn't care for the taste of insects, further indicating the diet native to its species, which seems to be analogous to mammal meat. As noted, humans seem to be the exception, though perhaps more time spent in its presence will clarify.

Dak also wants upsies.

Holman specimen

A second Dak was obtained on planet Holman from Dalton Langmuir, a dealer in exotic pets. While smaller at only one-half-meter total length, this Dak is considerably more aggressive, attempting to bite when grabbed at, and hiding from view whenever possible. Attempts to feed it a ham sandwich met with failure as it regurgitated most of the item an hour after eating it. When left alone, the Dak is relatively sedate, basking in the sun.

It also appears to be preoccupated with 'up'.

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