Cutlass-class large scout

The Cutlass-class large scout was a League Pathfinders Society design that saw limited use in actual exploration. Many Pathfinders of the era referred to it as a 'showboat' - its design was geared toward comfort more than any exploratory ideal, and was thus used instead of the more utilitarian Compass-class or Conquistador when VIPs accompanied an expedition. The Cutlass was given the same task upon its adoption by the Core Systems Scout Service - the ship's price tag can is greater than four Compasses, and despite its enhanced capabilities and amenities it was never considered seriously as an actual service vessel. Most Cutlasses have been phased out of the CSSS inventory, and those that remain are largely superficial to day-to-day operations, seeing use mostly as Scout Service brass private transports.

The Phantom of Grace is a Cutlass-class large scout.

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