Curion is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Pyrenees System of Phoenix Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Curion is slightly smaller than Earth, with a semitropical climate throughout the entire planet. About 85% of the surface is liquid ocean. Surface gravity is 0.9g. Average planetary pressure is 1.0 atmospheres. The planet was once a ball of ice, but terraforming has rendered it a sunny world of shores, small forests, and eye-pleasing animals (both imported and gengineered).


There are only about 2 million citizens on Curion; almost all of them are elite members of the CSFR bureaucracy, their families and their servants, and support staff (merchants, police, etc.). Several royal houses also maintain presences on the planet.


Curion has no exports aside from money and the children of bureaucrats. All produce and game animals are consumed on-planet. There is a wide array of high-end mercantile outlets that cater to the planet's residents, but little else.


The government holds to a strong egalitarian principle - servants and merchants are afforded the same rights as bureaucrats and nobles (though their lesser status and economic influence means correspondingly less social power). There is no body of elected officials; Curion practices a form of participating democracy where all large-scale decisions are reached through a majority opinion expressed via a local CoreNet system. This system was designed with two dual purposes in mind. First, it ensures that there is no large-scale civil disobedience, as no one is left with a feeling of powerlessness. Second, it keeps political manouevering and backstabbing to a minimum, as the CSFR rulers do not enjoyed being ruled at home.

Travellers' Information


There are no major travel advisories in effect for planet Curion. The ruling class of Curion politely discourages uninvited travellers. There are few amenities (accommodations, etc.) available planetside for non-residents, but travellers in need will usually not be turned away.

Travellers' Resources

Curion houses a Class-B landing facility - thirty berths for ships up to 500 tons in displacement, and six landing zones for ships up to yacht size. These facilities are rarely made available to outsiders - a damaged or disabled ship may be able to seek repairs here, but these are by no means places to use as commerce points. There is no TAS facility on Curion (with so little unexpected traffic, there is simply no need for one).


Curion is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):


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