This is a CoreNet series on business and finance.
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Corporations are legal entities comprised of boards of directors and countless workers. In some areas of human space they are tightly regulated or completely dominated by state concerns. In other places corporations have a free hand over the affairs of the population. Several planets and systems are owned by corporate interests outright and allowed to operate nearly independently of Republic edict.

Extraterritorial Corporations

Currently, two corporations utilize a system of corporate citizenship: Interstellar Resources and the Kanbei Group. While many humans retain dual citizenship with both ISR and the CSFR, Kanbei citizens are prohibited from holding citizenship with any other entity.

The Kanbei Group holds five systems and eight coordinates' worth of space. ISR's outright land mass is significantly less, but its factories and subsidiaries are more widespread and its influence more pervasive.

List of Major Corporations

The following is a list of corporations operating in human space, either private concerns or companies traded publicly on RISFAB.

Alatech Pharma (ALP)

Allied Weapons Systems (ALW)

Apple Foods (APP)

Atlas Starship Manufacturing (ATS)

Bamitech Drive Systems (BMT)

Behemoth Galactic Bank (BGB)

Carbonne Crisis Remediation (CCR)

Destination Hydro Services (DHY)

Echwas Corporation (ECH)

Flashpoint Defense Contractors (FLD)

H2Go (HGO)

Halcyon Pharmaceuticals (HAL)

Hydrangean Concerns (HYD)

Interstellar Resources (ISR)

Magnolia Luxury Vehicle (MAL)

New Universe Entertainment (NWU)

Padmanabha Biomechanical (PDB)

Pyte Comptronics (PYT)

Renali Arms (REA)

Shiji Logistics (SJL)

Silver Shares Mining Corporation (SSM)

SolGen (SLG)

Sunward Shipping Group (SUS)

TerRanger Machinery and Supplies (TER)

TitanCore Entertainment (TCE)

Vitruvian Cybernetics (VIC

West Horticulture (WEC)

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