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Core Systems Breaking News

GREENSWARDS (Scylla Shimbun)- The Kanbei Cartel's chief financial officer, Jiang Lucas Xiahou, was the target today of a massive bombing of the Vitruvian Cybernetics corporate headquarters on Greenswards, where Mr. Jiang was visiting to assuage investor confidence in the besieged Kanbei subsidiary. According to reports from Greenswards Planetary Authority, Mr. Jiang was severely injured in the attack, along with fifty-three fatalities and an estimated two hundred dead. The Scylla Sector-based terrorist group Integrity Scylla Provisional Militia, a splinter group of the Core Systems criminal organization Integrity, claimed responsibility for the attack, wherein a grav-loader packed with high explosives flew on auto-pilot into the Vitruvian Cybernetics offices.


Safari Service

Provider: Hanami SMASH!

Members of the armed forces and citizens residing in Shepherd System are advised to be on watch! A Jensai task force has been spotted in the system, and shots have been reported to have been fired. Orkney Station, the Republic military base in the system, denied rumors that Republic soldiers had been killed in the shootout and have claimed that it was a skirmish with pirate raiders.

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Crisis on Schuh

Provider: Hydra Sector Broadcasting Company

SCHUH (HSBC)- A representative of the Republic Marine Corps have confirmed the authenticity of flatpic images hitting the net late last night (Earth standard time) purporting to show a damaged Jensai Angelfish scout craft and an injured Jensai being removed from warehouses underneath Schuh's main metroplex. Colonel Jonas Bragg of the Third Division, 48th Regiment off the CSRS Anointment of Morning Rain informed reporters this morning that the flatpic images were indeed taken by a Marine unit under combat conditions in the minutes following an orbital insertion. The Marine unit was tasked with clearing the subterranean warehouses below the Schuh public space known as the Ritterplatz, which had been under suspiciously heavy guard in the days leading up to the Marine action. The Jensai individual - confirmed to be a Seeker - was rescued but sustained nonspecific injuries during the impromptu rescue operation. When asked for comment, Ambassador Shelanna described herself as relieved that the Seeker was recovered safely.


Dragon Sector

Provider: FireNet News Service


KALININ (FNNS)- Planetary authorities on Kalinin announced the arrest of two men in connection with the attempted bombing of the planet's newly-discovered Agricarch site. According to Security Corps spokesperson Marn Kevinski, the bombs were detected by a robotic construction crew working to finish dismantling the remains of Wyams Block Housing Unit, which once stood on the lot. When asked how the men were able to carry the bombs through the surrounding housing blocks without triggering alarms, Kevinski declined to comment. The accused are both citizens of Ragha.


Kraken Sector

Provider: IridoNet Information


SOLEDAD STATION, MARIN SYSTEM (INI)- A sector court judge has found eight Soledad Station officials not guilty in the deaths of 61 Strollers who died when their ship's life support systems failed. Soledad authorities initially allowed the ship to dock, but refused to allow anyone aboard to debark. A disagreement arose when the Stroller captain refused to decouple their power draw, which was of nonstandard design. Station personnel manually removed the draw and requested the Stroller crew submit to an inspection by system authorities prior to any further aid. The ship declined and apparently tried to reach one of the system's gas giants, but failed. Fifty-nine people died prior to the ship's rescue, and another two died in transit back to the station. Marin System has since altered its rules on mendicant aid to allow emergency resupplying with director approval.


Manticore Sector

Provider: MantiCoreNet Daily News


HARBIN (MCNDN)- Colonel Lupo Ignatius, the Spartan Brigade ambassador to the Core Systems Free Republic, today denied rumors that the Spartan government had been asked to allow a Core Systems mercy mission through the Van Ryan Nebula into Prometheus Sector. Said Colonel Ignatius, "Prometheus Sector stands as a monument and memorial to the billions of lives lost in the Human-Skaald War. An intrusion into that space would be a desecration of their memory." A representative for the Office of the Manticore Sector Regent declined to comment on the rumor.


Bamitech Drive Systems (RISFAB: BMT) announced today that their best-selling light craft, the Sprite S200, would soon be accompanied by a big brother. Bamitech intends the new S250 model to continue to showcase the Sprite series' sporty nature by increasing the vessel size but also packing in a far more powerful engine system. Industry insiders predict the S250 to run into the 30 MCr range, making it even more of a high-end purchase than its smaller predecessor.


HUDSON (MCNDN)- Leaked security orbital footage confirms the rumors racing insiders have been debating for weeks - the Bamitech Hightail exists, and it's quite possibly the fastest aircar in human space. With a measured speed of 2,073 km/h, the Hightail beats its only real competitor, Drake Motorworks' Lance series, by almost 100 km/h. Bamitech reps declined to comment on the validity of the leaked holo.


Phoenix Sector

Provider: Phoenix Sector CoreNet News


INNSMOUTH (PSCNN)- Doctor Smythe Kleiber of Niman City appeared in court today to answer charges that his controversial treatment method for sufferers of chronic innsmouthein toxicity led to the death of two patients in his care. Dr Kleiber testified that by prescribing small doses of the jump-sickness anesthetic drug Comatin to chronically ill Innsmouth disease patients, they demonstrated lessened or nonexistent night terrors which, long term, should improve the mental status of such patients. Prosecutors for the Republic countered by reminding the court of the dangers of Comatin abuse, which can include cognitive dysfunction, sleep schedule disruption, organ failure and death.


HELENIUM (PSCNN) - Workers are still battling patches of spreading black fungus across Helenium's orchard belt - the stubborn remnants of the unknown bio agent released last week. A spokesperson for Helenium Farms refuted concerns that the company would market produce from other worlds under the HF brand. Helenium-based Cipher Security stock rose 4 points after Cipher agents apprehended the man believed responsible for the bio's release.


MALLORY (PSCNN)- In a press conference today, Aleksey Andropov, the Mallory Mad Dogs' general manager, announced that the Mad Dogs' jersey number 52 would be permanently retired to honor the passing of former Mad Dogs linebacker Lance Hopper. Hopper was an all-Republic sack leader nicknamed "Hopper the Stopper" through his professional career with the Mad Dogs, recruited after a term of Navy service during the Core Systems-Spartan War, after bringing the Manticore Naval Academy Hammerheads back to prominence and competitive standing through his years of eligibility there. A cervical spinal injury caused by a bad tackle - later found to be deliberate - forced Hopper to retire. Mr Hopper passed away from complications involving an attempted regeneration of the damaged vertebrae in a Vienna hospital. He was 41. Mallory granted Mr Hopper - a native of Hydrangea, in Tyree System - an honorary Mallory citizenship, something unheard of among the notoriously insular Mallorian people. His funeral will be a private family affair on his homeworld, but a public memorial will be hosted at Dog House Stadium on Mallory to honor the passing of a great player and good man.


Scylla Sector

Provider: Scylla Shimbun


STATION SHACKLETON (Scylla Shimbun)- The recent decision of Titan-based ISR to expand into Scylla has been met with resistance from the local markets and has brought to light a secretive web of shell corporations tied to the Kanbei Group. The Republic Presidium's recent legislation concerning the use of "shared-resource" water planets ended with the rights to Shelton being awarded to ISR. The transfer from local control came to a halt following two events where Kanbei-linked ships began extracting liquid surface water after being refused entrance to the planet's atmosphere. Officials later learned that more than 60% of the water extracted from Shelton was being shipped to Palalin System and sold under the name BlueSplash. A spokesman for Cannin-based H2Go insisted that the only problem was with Republic contract records.


GREENSWARDS (ScyllaNet News)- Investor confidence in Greenswards-based Vitruvian Cybernetics (RISFAB: VIC), already shaky in the wake of an executive graft scandal this August, was further damaged by the bombing of Vitruvian's headquarters by members of the ISPM terrorist group. Vitruvian's stock freefell almost ninety points in the twelve hours after the attack, in which over two hundred and fifty people were killed or maimed. The Kanbei Group - whose CFO, Jiang Lucas Xiahou, was hospitalized from the attack - likewise saw marginal stock losses in its other subsidiary corporations but rebounded by the end of the day when an acting CFO was appointed to fill in for Mr Jiang while he recovers.


Travellers looking to kick back and relax know to head for Kiyomori, but more and more people are discovering the pristine beaches and calming air of other worlds. Those seeking an alternative to the crowds of Kiomori should consider Kira, which may even be closer for some. Lakshmi is a more distant getaway, but offers a remarkably low-priced two week package, and the planet becomes even more enticing with the recent addition of ten floating 36-hole golf courses.


Tengu Sector

Provider: ThunderCore Tengu Division


A week ago, the tensions on Oryx citizens reportedly attempting to protect their freedoms and the CSRN attempting to push martial law onto them exploded into full blown violence. Oryx resistance groups, while defeated in the original battle for the spaceport, have since gone onto guerilla warfare against Marine units. The CSRA has been requested to bring in units to replace the temporarily stationed Marine units, who seem to be having a hard time holding ground against the rebels. Military leaders were unavailable for comment. Rumor also has it that Paul Valery is still at large, wanted for instigating the rebels at the original battle.


This week, the 273rd Annual Tengu Entertainment Awards hit Mirza Nali! Stars from all around Tengu Sector are expected to show up, including big names like Duce Millis from "The Whole Nine Parsecs", Cameron Berrymoist in "Chuck's Devils", Arhnee Blackwald in "False Truths", and Melissa Jomonitch in "The Sixth Elemental". Also, special this year is a live performance from the "Starsmiths", fresh from their induction to the hall of fame. Another special treat is that this year's show will be done entirely from the front deck of one of the new CSSS' Lavigne-class ships, with Scout-Admiral McCray in attendance of the show!

Titan Sector

Provider: TitanCore


GOV'T CAMP (TitanCore)- Republic officials have started a voluntary evacuation policy for nonessential personnel on the planet as the native human population have entered a new phase of civil war, one that threatens the Government Camp Starport and the Republic offices within. Government Camp is a Republic-protected territory and is similar to the Manticore Sector planet Lemartes in technological development. Unlike Lemartes, Government Camp is an adjunct member of the Republic, but the ruling Barlovian dynasty have rejected Republic intervention in their affairs. The rival Fostrey family repudiates the Barlovian claim on planetary authority, and is in the midst of a ground war with the Barlowites. Both sides have issued a promise to treat Republic property as neutral, inviolate ground, and Government Camp's Republic envoy Solomon Kelly has assured the Republic's noninterference in local affairs as long as that is the case.


PROTEUS, ALPHA CENTAURI (TitanCore)- Following the recent announcement of a critical flaw in the molded ceramol panels used to armor the Navy's Longbow-class gunship and the subsequent grounding of the three hundred newest gunships acquired by the Core Systems Republic Navy, Chechen Systems suffered a nearly seventy percent drop in stock value. The Longbow is a highly touted escort vessel serving in the Navy and is sometimes called the 'Turtle' by serving crews; a reference to the vessel's incredibly tough armor. Chechen spokesperson Yelena Kamarova denied reports that the thickness of the specified ceramol armor plates was causing the problems, citing the equivalent protection seen on the Ramsgott-class dreadnought, and blasted suggestions that any refit of the Longbow would involve thinning the armor plates as a solution.


Mars-based Infinitive Records announced today that protest-rock group the Second Class Planets would be embarking on a tour of Titan Sector to promote their new album, We Are Damned. Major stops on the tour include Proteus, Hephaestus, two engagements in Elson's Folly System and a controversial choice to play a set at the rogue planet Umbra. Members of the group were unavailable for comment.


Thunderbird Sector

Provider: ThunderCore Independent News


AELLAI (TIN) - Researchers from Padmanabha's Institute of Planetology and Xenoarchaeology reported to a major Republic xenarch journal their findings of Agricarch artifacts from systems antispinward from Thunderbird Sector proper - the first reported from that region. The journal piece was made more remarkable from the fact that they claim to have found the first artifacts of Agricarch civilization, as opposed to simple leftover tools and other hints to their presence. If genuine, this could mean that Farmer cities - perhaps even the living remnants of their civilization - may not be far away. Core Systems Scout Service spokesman Scout-Commodore Lucas Pynchon was quoted as saying:

"This could be the biggest xenoarchaeological find in modern history, bigger even than the Agricarch hydroponics facility on Kalinin. Ever since we first discovered traces of the Agricarch race, we've been baffled by the mysteries surrounding them - and if we can answer even one of those mysteries, then we may change the shape of galactic history forever."


O'KEEFFE (TIN)- Padmanabha Biomechanical (RISFAB: PDB) suffered its second loss of the quarter, after a unified move from O'Keeffe merchant houses to exclude the company from the planet's markets. The action comes on the heels of a planetwide restricted-market tariff applied to all cybernetics producers, both out-sector and Thunderbird's own Pad-Bio. TekSpek Daily contributor Ernie Svil noted in his most recent column that the use of cybernetics seems to be falling out of fashion, and recommends that "The organics market is (pardon the pun) heading for a growth spurt!"


TROYES (TIN)- The verdict is in, and it doesn't look good for Ride of Your Life creator John Hammersby-Xi's prospective new realholo prison thriller. The Core Systems Federal Penitentiary System has declined Hammersby-Xi's request to holovise the inmates of Stribog, the Republic's most secretive penal facility. According to a statement from Ion Entertainment, "We regret that we were unable to come to an arrangement with the FPS, and are currently reviewing other prospective detention facilities." Hammersby-Xi was not available for comment.

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