Core Systems Republic Navy
The standard insignia of the CS Navy

The Core Systems Republic Navy is the successor organization to the Terran Stellar League Navy, and is currently the most powerful standing armed force in human space. It was organized into its current form in 2460 with the League's formal transition into the Core Systems Free Republic and fought in the CS-Spartan War.


The Republic Navy is organized into eight fleets - six fleets, one to garrison each sector of Core Systems space, cycling with another two which are kept on standby status in the event of war. Generally speaking, each fleet possesses up to two dreadnoughts, up to four carriers, five battlecruisers, ten to twelve heavy cruisers, forty escort cruisers, two hundred frigates and several hundred gunships.

Ship Classes

See also Minkin's Fighting Starships.

The Navy utilizes a wide array of ships, some dating all the way back to League service in the Human-Skaald War. Generally speaking, Republic Navy vessels are more lightly armed than their Spartan counterparts, but they are better-engined and often can jump two or three systems beyond the reach of the biggest Spartan ships. As a rule of thumb, ships are classified according to their tonnage.

Fighters/small craft:
Mandarin-class scoutcraft (20 ton displacement)
Ascalon-class fighter (20 ton displacement)
Hotspur-class fighter (40 ton displacement)

Escort vessels:
Longbow-class gunship (300 ton displacement)
Corona-class corvette (400 ton displacement)
Miri-class SWACS frigate (1000 ton displacement)
Burke-class frigate (1000 ton displacement)
Svathana-class marine frigate (1500 ton displacement)
Vayu-Class Missile Cruiser (2000 ton displacement)

Capitol ships:
Antonin-class pocket carrier (5000 ton displacement)
Valiance-class destroyer (10000 ton displacement)
deMarquis-Class heavy cruiser (75000 ton displacement)
Butler-class planetary assault ship (200,000 ton displacement)
Ramsgott-class dreadnought (500,000 ton displacement)
Sagarmatha-class Starfighter Carrier (500,000 ton displacement)

Naval Anthem

Oh we ply the skies,
Far from all we know.
We will drink to the good times,
And our home - we fight to defend!
Docking clamps off, my boys!
Anchors Aweigh!
Fare well to shoreside joys,
We fly at break of day!
Through our last night dirtside;
Drink, to the sky!
Until we meet once more
Here's wishing you a happy voyage home!
Fly, Navy, out to sky,
Hear our battle cry!
Hard burn into their guns,
Vicious foes fly shy!
Roll out the torpedos,
All hands man your guns!
Anchors Aweigh, my boys,
Our work's never done!
Fly me eight golden stars,
Red of engine's burn;
Let these our colors be,
Till all of time be done!
In Holman's Well we learn Navy's stern call;
Faith, Courage, Service true with Honor over all!

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