Core Systems Republic Marine Corps

The Core Systems Republic Marine Corps is the successor organization to the Terran Star Marine Corps, and serves as the vanguard of any infantry assault. It was organized into its current form in 2460 with the League's formal transition into the Core Systems Free Republic and fought in the CS-Spartan War. The Commandant of the CSRMC is General Donald H. Butler.


The Republic Marines saw their start as the Navy Shipborne Defense Corps, serving as anti-boarder soldiers fighting off Skaald marines. After a few horrifying attempts, the SDC never attempted to board Skaald vessels, choosing instead to set up directional limpets, seal off the corridor, and blow the attach point clear of the ship. Once the League armed forces got a better idea of how to fight Skaald on their own terms, the SDC was reorganized into its own armed forces, the Terran Star Marine Corps, and led assaults into Skaald assault ships in powered armor and carrying heavy weapons. In the days of the CS-Spartan War, the Republic Marines still used their powered armor in boarding actions, but they were also trained to attack hard targets planetside, and a number of regiments gained reputations as elite units for doing the impossible.

The modern Republic Marine Corps is ordered into two broad sections. The Star Marines, like their professional predecessors, serve aboard Naval vessels with the intent to repel boarders and counterattack onto vessels which attempt a shipboard action. They are primarily trained in the use of shipborne weapons, powered armor and maneuvers in microgravity. The Planetary Assault Marines tend to focus more on ground-based combat, the operation of man-portable heavy weapons, recon in force and other traditional forms of military force.

Marine Anthem

Oh we ply the skies,
Far from all we know.
We will drink to the good times;
And our home - we fight to defend!
Docking clamps off, my boys!
Anchors Aweigh!
Fare well to shoreside joys,
We fly at break of day!
Through our last night dirtside;
Drink, to the sky!
Until we meet once more,
Here's wishing you a happy voyage home!
From the Deep Van Ry-an Nebula,
To the domes of Southerlane.
We will fight our people's battles,
On the ground, in blue and black;
First to fight for right and freedom,
and to keep our honor clean;
We are proud to claim the title,
Core Systems Space Marines!
Black of infinity voice; Gold of Terra's sun,
Let these our colors be, till all our work is done!
In Holman's well we learn Navy's stern call;
Faith, Courage, Service true with honor over all!

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