Core Systems Republic Army
The standard insignia of the CS Army

The Core Systems Republic Army is holy crap I don't know how to do this bit justice.

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With the Republic Marines fulfilling the need of the (preemptive) quick and decisive strike, and the Navy's ability to hammer ground side targets from orbit, the Army then was focused only on two points: The taking of ground, and the subsequent holding and defense of it. Therefore the Army is afforded the luxury of a pace of relative slowness. Aided by satellite intelligence afforded by the Navy and airborne elements of the Army, exacting and precise battle plans may be drawn up, using the principle of Schwerpunkt, an archaic Terran League term for "Focal Point." Elements of the Army group deployed can then be used to maximum effectiveness to shatter the opposing forces line with armor and mechanized infantry. With multiple breaches in the enemy's line, motorized infantry elements pour in to secure lines of supply and withdrawal, and to set up forward command posts. The use of on-foot infantry is largely neglected as they are slow to move and vulnerable to all sorts of return fire; even regiments of battle armor go into battle with supporting vehicles and crews.

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