Core Systems Intelligence Agency

The Core Systems Intelligence Agency is the organization in charge of maintaining the safety and security of the Core Systems Free Republic and all its citizens from threats both foreign and domestic. The CSIA officially employs over 30,000 full time personnel and, additionally, has an annual discretionary budget of 8 GCr to fund classified operations.

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While the agency and its employees are organized into divisions based on their MOS, the most important unit is a planetary or sub-sector office which contains and coordinates people from multiple divisions into an effective team.

As the name implies, Field Agent Support Division tends to undercover agents and allows them to get in contact with the CSIA for de/briefing. This division also conducts all of the black operations and wet work, and utilizes approximately 70% of the discretionary fund (in acquiring clean weapons and cybernetics, paying off the right people, and covering death insurance payouts for operatives).

The Psychological Operations Division say they are the first into a conflict and the last out. This division is in charge of propaganda and morale, ensuring that the Core Systems is always portrayed in a good light. They also keep in close contact with news agencies, and are often able to delay stories a few days when the safety of operatives or soldiers is at stake.

The Signals Intelligence Division is the pride and joy of the CSIA. Employing over 7,500 men and women as intelligence analysts and field researchers has allowed the CSIA to provide incredibly reliable intel to military elements. It is estimated that CSIA provided intelligence saved the lives of over 600 soldiers in 2984 alone, and countless more during the CS-Spartan War. Though this division is easily the most highly visible, it also contains a startling number of people with very high clearance grades.

The Intelligence Liaison Division is in charge of ensuring the appendages of the Core Systems Free Republic are operating effectively and remain free of saboteurs and spies. They are often looked down upon by enlisted and commissioned men alike. Since at least one Liaison Officer is stationed aboard every military installation and ship, they quickly learn to bear the mean-spirited pranks played on them.

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