Confessor-class light cruiser

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It has been known for some time that the Penitent Brotherhood's Order Militant has been developing their own ship designs independent of League legacy models or license-built Core Systems or Spartan ships; the growing prevalence of the Swordcane Q-ship and the new Humility-class frigate is proof enough of that. However, the Office of Naval Intelligence had long believed that the Brotherhood had no capacity to construct superheavy merchant vessels or capital ships - a belief shattered by the sudden appearance of a new Order Militant cruiser in early 2499. The VGHS Confessor was imaged in orbit of Sotherlane with an escort of Humility- and Swordcane-class vessels by independent traders, apparently in support of an inquisitorial mission. With support from intelligence source CENSER, ONI now believes that the Confessor is a composite of illegally acquired technologies from across human space - incorporating refined Spartan fusion cannon technology, advanced particle weapons from the Core Systems Vinetti Corporation (in violation of the Agarwal Treaty), overcharged Kanbei engine components and the Brotherhood's own penchant for orbital bombardment using mass drivers. It's possible that the purpose-built Sling bombardment arrays the Brotherhood's Order Militant was once so fond of have been superseded by a decidedly more agile and deadly platform.

Confessor-class light cruiser d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 50000 tons 5000
TL12 cylinder Hull 250
4 sections each Structure 250
Armor Ceramol Protection 8 5000 10000
Jump Drive (TL13 ) Jump-4 2500 5000
Maneuver Drive (TL12 ) Thrust 6 1625 812.5
Power Plant 2500 6250
Bridge 1/section 1000 1000
Computer Core/5 Rating 60 30
Electronics Countermeasure Systems x3 +4 to Jamming 28 24
Weapons Type-B Vinetti VLPC (TL12) 300-Long-1 3000 2100
Bays 20-Fusion Cannon-Long- (TL11)
4-Ortillery Railgun-
Turrets 200-Triple (pulse/pulse/sand)- 200 450
200-Triple Particle- 200 2600
Screens Nuclear Dampers x2 80 100
Fuel 25000 tons One Jump-4 and 6 weeks 25000
Cargo 1588 tons 1588
Ammunition 2500 sandcaster drums 125
Staterooms 800 personnel (max) 400 200
Low Berths 400 personnel (max) 200 20
Extras Fuel Scoops 1
Fuel Processor All fuel in 2 days 625 31.25
Command Bridge 320 375
4 Briefing Rooms 16 2
30 Armories 60 15
Reliquary/Vault 12
Craft 10 Swordcane II full hangars 1300 6500
2 Helper-type cutter full hangars 130 26
Software Maneuver/0
Jump Control/ -
Total Cr
Department Crew
Frozen Watch
Engineering Main Forward
Roll External Internal External Internal External Internal
2 Hull Crew Hull Crew Hull Crew
3 C J-Drive C C C C
4 M-Drive P-Plant B B B B
5 A Fuel A A A A
6 Hull Structure Hull Structure Hull Structure
7 Armor Hold Armor Hold Armor Hold
8 Hull Structure Hull Structure Hull Structure
9 A Fuel A A A A
10 M-Drive J-Drive B B B B
11 C P-Plant C C C C
12 Hull Critical Hull Critical Hull Critical
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