Condorcet is a Mirandolan-aligned planet in the Furieux System of Thunderbird Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Condorcet is a frost-covered planet slightly larger than Mars - 7,200 km in diameter, with a surface gravity of 0.4g. It has an very thin atmosphere primarily composed of xenon (85%) and argon (12%) with a surface pressure of 0.11atm. The planet's average temperature hovers around -5˚.


Condorcet has a population of 500 million, the largest of any Mirandolan world. As the first Project colony, it received the lion's share of supplies, and as other more distant colonies emerged Condorcet became the center of commerce between the Mirandolans and the Republic. The first colonists were given low-grav supplements and sealed domes, but most modern natives of Condorcet can tolerate either low or Earth gravity for long periods with no ill effect. Breather masks are a sure sign of offworlders - visitors to Condorcet will notice that almost everyone here walks outside unaided and unshielded from the cold.

The population here has been described by visitors as the "least alien" of all Mirandolans, despite the adaptive modifications of recent generations turning them a vivid purple-blue.


Condorcet boasts a Class-A starport that rivals any shipyard in the sector, and the brick-like Dynamic-type tramp traders are a common sight above the planet, bound for Cyclone System or Haldane. While much of the system's concerns are tied up in shipping, the residents take advantage of Mirandolan genetic techniques to create and export a variety of chemically altered spices and food additives. There is also a thriving technology market planetside - Condorcet is well known for its advanced electronic and cybernetic innovations. A less-popularized market is in illicit biochemicals that, while prohibited, still find their way out of the laboratory and into Republic space.


Until recently, Condorcet has been on good terms with the CSFR, simply because societal evolution ensured that those with the strongest views migrated further into Mirandolan space. With the recent disputes over control of Hamelock, Condorcet's colonies are now in the unwelcome position of having to distance themselves from Cleve's colonies while ensuring that they are included in Hamelock's eventual exploitation.

Travellers' Information


Condorcet, like all other Mirandolan worlds, is rated Amber in accordance with CSFR legal designation.

Travellers' Resources

Condorcet is equipped with a Class-A starport that services almost every type of ship and offers amenities like variable-grav suites and advanced regeneration techniques. There is also a TAS facility within the main starport complex.


Condorcet is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Cyclone
    • Werner C100325-A Pirate Amber
  • Habb
    • More C6D47C2-8 Amber
  • Nevera
  • Vijavica
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