Colus is a Bolívar League-aligned planet in the Ranger System of Dragon Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Colus is a small, temperate world, just over 9,100 km in diameter, with a surface gravity of 0.6g and a very thin (0.4atm) atmosphere that requires a filtered respirator. About 30% of the planet's surface is covered by a single large ocean.


70 million people call Colus home - most of the population agrees wholeheartedly with the League's policies, and demonstrations against the Republic are frequent and vocal. This is not surprising, given that the League capital is here.


Colus's economy is one of the most diverse in the sector, encompassing trans-sector shipping concerns, cheap plastic knock-offs of Titan Sector goods, sophisticated electronics components, and dozens of other unrelated markets. The lack of a single overriding field has allowed the planet to maintain a high standard of living, since it can usually ride out any hiccups in the larger markets.


Colus is the capital of the Bolívar League and the most influential planet in the region. While it has been held up as a model of proper government (and the standard of living has improved somewhat since the first days of the embargo), the planet is still run by the remnants of the original League coup council, albeit with the "advisement" of civil service workers assigned for their aptitude test scores.

Travellers' Information


Colus, like all League planets, is under an embargo from the Republic, making travel in and out of Ranger System a risky idea.

Travellers' Resources

Colus's Class-A starport offers fewer services than a Class-A installation closer to the inner region of human space, but still provides much more than anything neighboring systems can muster. The Scout Service maintains a base on the starport grounds, as does the TAS. A Republic Consulate is also on-site, staffed by a skeleton crew of six members; the Consulate has no CoreNet access.


Colus is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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