Cleve is a Mirandolan-aligned planet in the Gale System of Thunderbird Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Cleve is slightly smaller than Earth, with an average diameter of 11,900 km and an average surface gravity of 0.92. The planet has a highly corrosive atmosphere of ammonia and other caustic compounds with an average temperature of 5˚. Approximately 20% of Cleve's surface is submerged in liquid ammonia.


Cleve was once the least-populated of all the Project colonies, but after the ascent of its research programs millions of Mirandolans flocked to it. The planet's current population hovers at around 90 million. As the farthest planet from Republic-held worlds (at least until recently), Cleve's population had the least impetus to remaining in recognizable human forms. Out of all the Mirandolan worlds, people here exhibit the most variety in genetic revisions. Traits like photosynthetic or bioluminescent skin, altered facial topography or sense organs, or more extreme modifications are readily apparent in a great number of Cleve's citizens.


Most of Cleve's economic strength lies in its genetic research sector, from which the other Mirandolan worlds draw their further refinements. Because of the Republic's standing policies, most of what trickles out of Mirandolan space is cloning technology developed on Cleve.


Like other Mirandolan worlds, Cleve's policies are largely decided by the individual city-colonies. Until the recent past, Cleve was only important to its neighbors as a source of engineering prowess, but the planet's forays into Phoenix Sector and exploitation of Hamelock have created a good deal of hostility between the Mirandolans and the Republic. Because Cleve exports Hamelock's water to the other Mirandolan worlds, and because the Republic insists on dealing with the Mirandolans as a single group of people, this issue has created schisms between the various pools that have yet to resolve themselves.

Travellers' Information


Cleve's population is among the most genetically diverse in all of human space. Visitors are cautioned that physiological structures outside the human norm are commonplace here, and derogatory comments about them are highly egregious.

The planet's environment necessitates a vacc suit for anyone not equipped to deal with a steady rain of corrosive chemicals.

Travellers' Resources

Aside from the Class-B starport in the city of Tay al-Ard, there are no major resources. Travellers should note that Cleve is the only terrestrial planet in Gale System.


Cleve is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Habb
  • K2, Phoenix Sector
  • Vijavica
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