Church Of The Savior Risen
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Jeremiah York, First Prophet of the Universal Savior. (2271-2368)

The Church of the Savior Risen was founded in 2320 as an offshoot of the Earth-based belief group Church of Jesus Eternal by (former) Elder Jeremiah York. The group currently controls one world - Yuma, in Phoenix Sector.

In 2320, York was removed from his position within the CJE structure after declaring that, among other things, God had sent him a vision to lead the congregation into space. Twenty-six members of the CJE congregation and their families left with him, and another fifty-one joined them during the next year. Over the next four years, York and his attorneys arranged for colonization grants and supply contracts while his inner circle recruited other disillusioned CJE members, and in 2325 the Ark of Life - a modified far trader - lifted off from Kodiak Launch Complex carrying forty devout souls and the First Prophet of the Universal Savior.

Over the next decades thousands, then millions, of people emigrated to Yuma, seeking a return to a more traditional lifestyle that was at odds with the modern world. The members' funds were sufficient to introduce a high starting standard of living for the colonists, and routine supply deliveries kept them in comfort and allowed them to recruit more members from Earth and other CJE-affiliated groups in Titan Sector.

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