Chrysanthemum is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Mitre System of Phoenix Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Chrysanthemum's equatorial diameter is just over 14,000 km. This gives it a slightly higher than normal gravity of 1.1g and an average air pressure of 1.2 atm. The planet has a wide array of geological features - one continent has an average altitude variance of 1.4 m, while another has kilometers-high sheer cliffs, formed from an ancient impact, that march along for almost its entire width. About half of the planet's surface is covered in liquid water, most of it less than 1 km deep.

Chrysanthemum has one natural satellite, named Edelweiss for its bright white color. There is a small naval base on the surface, but the rest of the moon is untouched.


Twenty billion people live on Chrysanthemum, mostly in large planned cities. As one of the first planets in the sector, the original colonists were firm proponents of physical efficiency - a characteristic that is with the people even today. The average planetary income is higher than on many other planets, though the poverty level is probably higher than the official reports. CSFR citizens make up almost the entirety of the population.

During the Human-Skaald War, Chrysanthemum saw the rise of a thriving anti-war and Skaald-rights group. Set far back from the front lines and safe from alien invasions, the young elite and those outside the established order used the planet's colleges as a staging ground for a long-running (though ultimately unsuccessful) campaign to end the war and work toward a compromise.

Chrysanthemum surnames are traced by gender - male children take their fathers' surnames, and female children take their mothers'.


Chrysanthemum has long been a prominent world in Phoenix Sector. It was one of the first terraformable worlds discovered in the sector, and its place in the center of a major route across the sector ensured its importance. It evolved from a transferring and send-off point to a regulatory power, with a correspondingly large bureaucracy. The actual inspection is done on the network of orbital stations above the planet - Chrysanthemum proper is concerned with managing the efficiency and legality of trade practices - and therefore all transactions - throughout the sector. The Transportation Policy Agency is the branch directly concerned with interstellar regulations, as its duties concern all interstellar transportation of goods, services, and beings.

Most of the large production, transportation and distribution companies in the sector have their headquarters on Chrysanthemum as well.


While the bulk of officials are elected directly by the people, the ruling caste is a network of people that have been chosen to lead by consensus by Chrysanthemum's federal assembly. Officially, any qualified individual can be chosen by the Assembly. In truth, there are several generations-old political houses and a smattering of rogue politicians that are capable of manoeuvring the Assembly and its votes. The members of the Federal Council (and its head, the Federal Chancellor) hold enough strings to keep the Assembly in line and new faces from making waves; at the same time, the Assembly is numerous enough that any machinations can usually be kept in check.

Since 2497, Thomas Doore has been Chrysanthemum's Federal Chancellor. Before him, Marina le Galle served for eight terms.

Social rituals and customs are highly valued in both formal and everyday society. Transactions are always initiated and completed in specific ways, as are agreements, requests, and questions. Outsiders are treated hospitably as long as they obey protocol. Ignorance of Chrysanthemum custom is only partially defensive in court - several cases exist where travellers have been arrested over social misunderstandings.

Travellers' Information


There are no significant travel advisories for in place for Chrysanthemum, though landing on the surface of Edelweiss is grounds for immediate arrest.
As a security-minded planet, the planet's policies toward weapons carried by civilians is significantly more restrictive than its rating would indicate (7).

Travellers' Resources

Chrysanthemum hosts a pair of class-A starports, near the cities of Tiengen and Hanofer.

There is a Traveller's Aid Society in the Hanofer starport, but current members can download an abridged (140 page) or full (7200 page) guide to Chrysanthemum social customs from anywhere in comm range.


Chrysanthemum is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Ararat (Jump-1)
  • Appian (Jump-2)
  • Levanto, Thunderbird Sector (Jump-2)
    • Pollock B6659CE-9 Navy, TAS Amber
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