Chao Sidh

Chao Sidh is a human individual believed to be responsible for multiple offenses and innumerable criminal activities in Hydra Sector. Republic records have no birth certificate of this name, nor any of his known aliases. The Core Systems Intelligence Agency cannot locate any educational record or employment history. No family has ever been located, and the few of his associates arrested by the Republic have only ever interacted with him through at least one intermediary.

In short, the most notorious pirate king of our time seems to have appeared from nowhere.

What is known is that five years ago a tiny mining outpost in Hessian System, on the coreward frontier of human space, was quietly taken over by pirates working for an individual calling himself Chao Sidh. Within one year, Beacon Station was turned into the nexus of criminal activity in Hydra Sector, prompting the buildup of Republic Navy forces in neighboring Smith System.

Sidh seems to perfectly understand the power dynamic in Hydra Sector. Pirates and criminals operating in the sector are essentially free to operate as they please, as long as they do it quietly - and as long as they don't blatantly thumb their noses at law enforcement or the military, the politicians refuse to take action. The Jensai are a mere six parsecs away, they figure, and any sign of intense military buildup or movement along the border could be seen as a provocation. So the politicians refuse to dispatch the military, telling them instead to be patient and wait for the pirates to slip up.

But Sidh tests that patience to its limits, having organized a smuggling ring that regularly outfoxes the Navy's inspection crews, supporting a raider group that harasses legitimate shipping throughout Hydra Sector, funding 'antiquities dealers' who do everything up to and including stealing any Agricarch artifacts they come across, and operating a sectorwide spy network that works tirelessly to dig up whatever they can on the Jensai.

Chao Sidh himself is an enigmatic figure, with no solid pictures on file or accurate descriptions, and little is known of him save one odd factoid; he is rumored to collect, keep and breed exotic xenofauna aboard Beacon Station, and his collection - while remarkably dangerous - is reputed to be one of the largest of its kind in human space.

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