Cauda is a Core Systems-aligned satellite in the Kona System of Thunderbird Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Cauda is a large asteroid orbiting the gas giant Ruth, approximately 18 km wide at its longest chord. It is the only significant terrestrial object in the system.


5 million people live in Cauda in relative comfort, burrowed into the network of tunnels and underground structures inside the asteroid. The standard of living here is higher than one might expect for a tiny rock on the edge of human space - the limited space and high demand for its only export keeps the population's standard of living high and the number of people stable.


Cauda's entire economy is based on refining the rare gases on Ruth's surface - the only one of the system's three gas giants that cannot be used as starship fuel. Piracy is an occasional problem, but CSRN ships frequent the area between Aellai and Kona, which keeps most criminal elements out of the region.


Cauda's only law enforcement is the occasional Navy patrol. The citizens are all here to exploit the gas giant, and they view living here as a privilege. Anyone that begins to make waves is either forced onto a ship or tossed out an airlock without a vacc suit (the asteroid's only real form of punishment aside from exile).

Travellers' Information


The Scout Service does not recommend travelling antispinward farther than Aellai. Kona System's lack of solid matter and services means the region has nothing to offer, and the only known locations past Kona are the failed colonies of Bora and Eirene Systems. This, coupled with the population's lack of regard for CSFR law, has led to the placement of an Amber label on Kona System.

Travellers' Resources

There are no resources of note on Cauda.


Cauda is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Aellai
    • Troyes A5319CE-C Consulate, Navy, TAS Amber
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