Campbeltown is a barren planet in Campbeltown System, part of Spartan Brigade territory in Manticore Sector. The colony there was destroyed in the course of the Core Systems-Spartan War, and because of its location it is tagged with a code Red travel advisory. The Core Systems Scout Service has declared Campbeltown System - as with the rest of Spartan territory - under a code Red advisory. No ships are to enter the system without prior security clearance from Spartan officials, and no ships are to leave for Republic space without equivalent clearance. Failure to obtain clearance prior to entry or exit from Spartan territory may result in being fired upon.

Campbeltown. Bombed sites are visible as darker spots around the horizon.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Campbeltown is a Ganymede-sized planet with an Earthlike nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere but no surface water and a very hot average surface temperature. Median air pressure is 0.73 atm, while the gravity is only 0.3 of Earth standard.


Campbeltown Colony originally allied with the Spartan Brigade during the breakaway in the 2450s. During the course of the CS-Spartan War, though, Spartan ground forces used Campbeltown Colony as a staging point, and the Core Systems Republic Navy bombarded all surface facilities from orbit. No attempt to recolonize the planet has been made.


Campbeltown was too remote and too low-importance to invest in even before the war, and now that it's in Spartan territory, all plans to exploit its already-meager resources have been scrapped.


Campbeltown Colony has no citizens, much less a government.

Travellers' Information


Campbeltown System lies in Spartan territory, which automatically flags it as an advisory code Red system under CSSS guidelines.

Travellers' Resources

There are no services in place for travellers to Campbeltown.


Campbeltown System is not a Scout Service-supported destination.

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