Cactus is a Kanbei Group-aligned planetoid in the Yamamoto System of Scylla Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Cactus is a Triton-sized planetoid, 2,600 km in diameter, with an average surface gravity of 0.1g. The body possesses a very thin atmosphere (0.28atm) that is unbreathable by baseline humans. There is no surface water.


Despite its tiny size, Cactus houses a population of nine million, though many of these are transients.

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Yamamoto System has been plagued by piracy for some time, and Cactus reflects this. The only permanent city is an outgrowth of the starport that served the system before Starland Station was built, and criminals openly walk the streets. Plenty of Kanbei security is on hand to make sure none of their merchandise is damaged or lost, which means it's safe for the local Kanbei shells to cut deals with the disorganized underworld. The place is a known haven for at least four pirate crews.


Cactus serves as a stockpiling base for Starland Station, and several pharmaceutical firms maintain labs to take advantage of the planet's low gravity.

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Illegal synthetic drugs and stolen property can be purchased as well, with some figures estimating that more than 15% of the freight traffic breaching Cactus is carrying illegal goods.


The heads of Cactus' various branches are appointed by shareholders, with virtually no input from most of the salaried employees.

Travellers' Information


The Core Systems Scout Service has placed an Amber warning label on Cactus, due to lax enforcement of its standing laws and the presence of a large criminal element.

Travellers' Resources

Cactus hosts a TAS and abridged Scout base in the same fortified structure adjacent to the starport grounds. Beings that are not members of these organizations are advised to avoid the structure.


Kusari is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Hackel
    • Feir C223597-6 Na Po Scout
  • Haneul
  • Kong
    • Cannin A542768-B Po Scout Research TAS Consulate
  • Orange
    • Emberley B24189A-B Po Scout TAS Consulate
  • Palalin
    • Coral B655635-9 Ag Ga Navy Scout Consulate
  • Tso
    • Lyrum D000633-9 As Na NI Va
  • Wright
    • Tetra C736537-8 NI Research
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