Brent Caldwell

Character Sheet

Brent Caldwell


Personal Information

Age: 30
Homeworld: Campbeltown (X360000-0 Ba, De Red)
Gender: Male

Career Ranks

Free Trader: Tramp Hand


Survival 0
Drive (Mole) 0
Life Science (Genetics) 0
Pilot (Spacecraft) 1
Vacc Suit 1
Broker 0
Mechanic 2
Persuade 1
Zero-G 1
Jack of All Trades 1
Astrogation 1

Career Terms

Term One

Free Trader/Tramp Pilot
Qualification: Passed (5)
Basic Training: Pilot (Spacecraft) 0, Vacc Suit 0, Broker 0, Mechanic 0, Persuade 0, Zero-G 0
Skills: Tramp Pilot Specialist Table: Pilot (Spacecraft) 1
Survival: Success (7)
Events: 34 (Rolled 1d6, got 6, earned Mechanic 1)
Advancement: Success (Rank 1: Tramp Hand, got Persuade 1, Personal Dev 1: Jack of All Trades)

Term Two

Free Trader/Tramp Pilot
Qualification: Success (10)
Personal Development: +1 Dex
Survival: Success (6)
Events: (35, Zero-G 1)
Advancement: Success (9, Rank 2, Service Skills: Mechanic 2)

Term Three

Free Trader/Tramp Pilot
Qualification: Success (10)
Specialist: Tramp Pilot: Astrogation 1
Survival: Success (6)
Events: (35, Vacc Suit 1)
Advancement: Failure
Mustering Out Benefits: 10 000 CR, 20 000 CR, +1 Int

Personal Funds

26 140 CR


Weapon TL Range Skill Damage Heft Mass (kg) Cost
Dagger 1 Personal Melee (Small Blade) 1d6+2 0 - 10
Weapon TL Range Skill Damage Auto Recoil Mass (kg) Magazine Cost Ammo Cost Special
9mm Autopistol 6 Pistol Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 3d6-3 No 0 1 15 200 10
Gear TL Description Cost
Standard-9 Pistol Ammunition 6 9mm Pistol Ammunition 30
Wrist Watch 4 A simple wrist watch. 10
Duct Tape 6 Handy, multi-purpose adhesive tape. Quite strong. Possibly holds the universe together. 5
Slaplocks (5) 4 A simple lock that can be "slapped" onto things to secure them. Not particularly robust. 160
Cutting Torch 5 A basic cutting tool using incandescent gas fed by a heavy canister. Cannot cut starship hulls or vehicles constructed at T10 or higher. 500
Welding Kit, Electric 5 A basic arc welding kit, fed by a battery but requiring external power for big jobs. Ineffective on materials of TL10 or higher. 1500
Tool Set, Mechanical 5 A set of standard mechanical and plumbing tools, including everything necessary to repair and alter mechanical devices. 1000
Cold Light Lantern 6 A fuel cell powered lantern, which can last up to three days of continuous use. Produces a wide cone of light up to 18 metres away with a radius of 6 metres at the end of the beam. Also capable of producing a tighter beam of light up to 36 metres away with a 1 metre radius, or can illuminate a 10 metre radius. 0.25kg 20
First Aid Kit, Improved 5 A basic belt-carried first aid kit, containing clean bandages, safety pins and a small blade. Also contains a quantity of basic pharmaceuticals. 125
Personal Comm, plus Aide 6 A hand-held, single-channel communication device, with audio-only capability. Loaded with a personal Aide. 300
Hand Calculator 5 A basic hand calculator. 10
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