Benevolence is a Penitent Brotherhood-aligned planet in the Hobbes System of Dragon Sector. A code Amber travel advisory is in effect for this planet due to its strict legal system.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Benevolence is a vastly more forgiving world than most of the coreward worlds colonized prior to it - the original colonists referred to it as 'proof of God's benevolence', and the name stuck. Its surface gravity of 1.1g is uncomfortable but livable to those unaccustomed to it, as is the thick (and now quite smoggy) high-oxygen atmosphere at 1.8atm. The seas of Benevolence are chilly but not lethally so, and 58% of the planet is covered in water.


The Penitent Brotherhood has a firm support base on their capitol world, with almost five billion citizens living on the planet. Membership in the Brotherhood is a mandatory condition of living on the planet, and as a result it's difficult to find a nonbeliever on the planet.


Benevolence was once renowned for its bounty of Induaa tree wood - a beautiful and pricey wood ideal for carving and sculpture - but overharvesting has made it a rare commodity even on the planet. In recent years, the Brotherhood has ramped up its tool and die industries, creating many machines and parts for export. Very little in the way of computer equipment is sold on planet.


Benevolence is the seat of the Penitent Brotherhood's power, and the church holds a monolithic position over everyday life on the planet. The church's Council of Elders decrees the path of events to the planetary population, and they either obey or face harsh punishments.

Travellers' Information


Travellers are heavily advised against landing on Benevolence or even entering Hobbes System if it can be avoided, as the Penitent Brotherhood has dictated a harsh set of laws: Foreigners are only allowed as far as the starport gates, are only allowed to trade with Brotherhood-appointed commerce officials, must submit to total searches of both person and craft before they may go about their business as well as before they are allowed to leave, and they are absolutely forbidden from making unauthorized communications inside the system. All these factors contribute to the Core Systems Scout Service rating Hobbes System under a code Amber advisory.

Travellers' Resources

The Republic maintains an embassy in the Class-A starport of Rananavare City, the only enclave of Core Systems citizens on the planet. As a courtesy to them and their visitors, the Brotherhood has permitted the TAS hostel to remain open. The Brotherhood has also sponsored the opening of a jump drive research center, and visitors can occasionally gain comm access to the facility.


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