Beacon Station is a formerly clandestine contained living environment in the Hessian System of Hydra Sector. Formerly the stronghold of a secretive criminal enterprise headed by the elusive pirate Chao Sidh, the station has since returned to Core Systems administration and is currently under the administration of the Core Systems Republic Navy.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Beacon's outer hull is a rough rectangular antiprism approximately 20 km wide at its longest chord. Artificial gravity is 0.9g. The station uses 20% oxygen-content air at 1.0atm throughout the station, allowing for smoking and other open flames. It is located in close proximity to the planetoid Chryse, and was originally designed as a storage hub and transit point for a now-defunct mining operation on its surface. The station has been heavily modified from its original design. Docking ports, monitoring installations, and weapons banks are scattered across its surface. In spite of the new Navy presence on the station, much of Beacon's internal infrastructure is either unknown or deeply concealed, befitting its previous use as a smuggling and pirate base.


Humans make up the bulk of Beacon's population, though more than 90% of these are transients. The station population generally hovers around 60,000. The ruling syndicate formerly employed a staff of variously augmented humans as a local police force - these were primarily concerned with enforcing syndicate rules, and rarely intervene in interpersonal conflicts that do not directly affect station profits or infrastructure. Most other permanent residents were sedentary merchants, slaves, or other workers either directly or indirectly controlled by the syndicate. With the current Navy occupation, all citizens aboard are in theory subject to Republic law and their prior status is void. However, the undersized local Marine garrison means that much of the old regime goes on beneath the surface.


Beacon was and remains a black-market paradise. Without enforceable sanctions on commerce and with limited civilian trade, prices vary wildly depending on availability. Most common spacefaring equipment is available at slightly (125-150%) inflated prices. With few restrictions in the grey markets other than items whose very natures threaten the station, almost anything in known space can be found here - xenoflora and fauna, human slaves (or parts thereof), illicit consumables and technology, or banned weapons. It may even be possible to barter for alien technology that is outlawed anywhere in Republic space.

Sustenance, entertainment, and lodging are usually available (though every room is equipped with obvious monitoring equipment).


In addition to basic trade goods, there is a steady flow of high-technology parts and manufactured goods passing through Beacon. Some of this may once have been Jensai technology (without accurate records during the Chao Sidh regime, it's impossible to say), but now all that passes through is Core Systems or Kanbei Cartel equipment. In addition, there is some local production of textiles and clothing in borderline-legal sweatshops; the manufacturing quality is uneven and hardly systematized, but saleable quantities can be had at all times. It's been rumored that a dealer in radioactives and the weapons of mass destruction made from them has a residence aboard Beacon, but no amount of sensor sweeping or interrogation of the locals has turned up any clues thus far.

  • 4 JAN 2499 UPDATE: Republic health advisors would like to warn all residents of Beacon Station that a shipment of Hype has come to the station. Hype is a potent stimulant marketed by Air Pharma of Hyperion and has failed RHSA testing for safe use in humans. Palliative electrostim implants from Padmanabha Biomechanical are still available; call Slip 49 for information. A shipment of stolen Magnolia Puissant aircars has been impounded in Beacon's Dock Three; the Scout Service Assessment Corps reminds traders aboard Beacon of the auction scheduled two days hence.


Beacon was formerly controlled by a criminal group headed by the criminal mastermind Chao Sidh and served as its base of operations for operations in Hydra Sector. It once had its own compact defense fleet to fend off smaller combatants. However, the station was recently attacked by ships of both the Penitent Brotherhood and the Jensai Concordance in response to repeated provocation by this criminal group, and the CSRN task force sent to secure the sector was left to take over the station in the interests of regional stability. It is now under martial law, with Navy ships in the system to keep it secure, but a recent lack of political will to enforce this occupation has meant the military has had to go through unofficial channels to provision themselves and keep the station's prior occupants in check.

Travellers' Information


Prior Red travel restrictions from the Core Systems Scout Service Assessment Division prohibit any Republic citizens from docking at Beacon or even traveling to the Hessian system. While the search and impoundment of any ship returning from the area has been lifted, there remains a strong advisory to avoid unnecessary travel to the station or contact with its inhabitants.

Threat Assessment

The Navy ships protecting Beacon can offer little escort for vessels in the area. Anyone venturing sunward from the jump radius to the installation risks attacks by pirates lurking in the outer asteroid belt of the Hessian system.

Travellers' Resources

There is no TAS on Beacon.


Beacon is not yet a Scout Service-supported installation.

ONI Dossiers

Beacon Station has a surprising number of unusual features and residents. ONI is collecting information on subjects of note as they come to its attention.

Unknown stick-up artists

Trio of young men. Believed to have former syndicate loyalties. Now reduced to vandalizing fast food machines and robbing eateries. Minimal threat to Republic operations aboard.

Pot shops

Local euphemism for extremely low cost eateries serving stewlike concoction. Widely believed to contain 'disappeared' people in them. Found in back zones. Republic personnel advised to steer clear for reasons of personal safety and ethical peace of mind.

The Imperator Repair Co.

Unofficial street gang/ship mechanics. Local reputation for keeping pressure hull and essential external components well maintained, thus keeping everyone aboard alive. Notable for wide use of grav bikes known locally as skudders. Leader believed to call himself Cicero, other members adopt monikers referring to ancient Roman consuls and emperors. Possible avenue of mutual benefit if supported.

The Higgs' Bosom

Cheekily named house of ill repute. Individuals working there difficult to distinguish between male and female. Republic personnel suggested to avoid for concern of misunderstanding, offense, or sexual orientation identity issues.

"Small Paul"

Local petty criminal of little consequence. Has a pipeline of Kanbei cigarettes despite shipping restrictions and inspections. Speaks mostly in unintelligible argot. Minor concern for Assessment Corps personnel, but no threat to Republic operations.

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