Battle of Kal'Dassa

The Battle of Kal'Dassa was a military engagement in 2490 during the Core Systems-Spartan War, where liberation forces belonging to the Core Systems Republic Navy assaulted a Spartan stronghold at Amritsar Colony in Brahmaputra System, Manticore Sector. The battle was controversial among Core Systems diplomats for its free use of orbital weapons and fighter-bomber raids on Spartan strongholds nestled in civilian populations on the moon of Kal'Dassa, likened by some to the firebombing of Dresden as a purely punitive strike against a largely civilian population, with marginal military gains.

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In March of 2490 the Republic Army took back the Manticore Sector forward base at Rouen, with the Navy forcing the Spartan garrison fleet into a bloody but ultimately futile stand. Rather than allow the retreating Spartans time to regroup, Republic High Command drew up plans for a rapid push into Spartan-controlled Brahmaputra. The preparations for the attack proceeded apace, and by June of that year the Republic Navy fielded the lion's share of the Navy Seventh Fleet as well as elements of the Manticore Sector Defense Fleet to conquer Brahmaputra.

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