Ascalon-class fighter

The F4 Ascalon is the Core Systems Republic Navy's alternative light attack craft. It replaced the A4 Interceptor fighter in 2470, going into service in tandem with the Hotspur. The Ascalon's primary role is anti-fighter and small craft patrol, which it does effectively thanks to its particle cannon. It is used over the Hotspur when its cannon and speed are needed more then the Hotspur's missile capacity or staying power.


Hull Design

The Ascalon is a 20-ton small craft with a lifting wing design for either atmospheric or space operations. It is unarmored past what its airframe provides, which allows it to pull maximum performance out of its M-Drive. Fuel is stored throughout the wings, leaving the main fuselage for a particle cannon, its main armament. Two twinlinked PGMPs are housed parallel to it on each side, for anti infantry and light armor duties in atmosphere.


The cockpit has room for a single pilot and his equipment, with it hinged in the rear for access into and out of the craft. The pilot is computer-assisted with fire control and evasion software.


A Hephaestus Forge Behemoth-pattern particle cannon resides in the main body of the craft, and is flanked by a PGMP on either side for anti infantry and light vehicle duty in atmosphere, or particularly daring runs in space.

Standard Military Loadout

F4 Ascalon-class Fighter d-Tons Cost (Cr)
Hull 20 tons Hull 0 1.20 MCr
Streamlined Structure 1
Armor None 0 0 0
No Jump Drive
Maneuver Drive sL Thrust 11 6 12 MCr
Power Plant sL Fusion Plant 4.5 8 MCr
Cockpit 1-man Holographic Controls 1.5 0.1 MCr
Computer Model 3 Rating 15 1 2 MCr
Electronics Basic Military +0 Sensors DM 3 2 MCr
Weapons Hardpoint #1 Single Fixed Mount Particle Cannon 1 4.1 MCr
Weapons Hardpoint #2 Twinlinked PGMPs - .13 MCr
Fuel 2 tons 2 weeks 2
Cargo 0 0
Software Maneuver/0
Evade/3 3 MCr
Fire Control/3 8 MCr
Total 20 40,503,000 Cr
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