Artemis-class recon frigate

Argued either as 'the ship that won the CS-Spartan War' or 'an outrageous boondoggle draining money, resources and crew from more beneficial tasks,' the Artemis-class reconnaissance frigate is a new addition to the Core Systems Scout Service's fleet and is currently the hottest assignment possible in the CSSS's Recon Corps. Using state-of-the-art electronics and emissions-absorbing hull material, the Artemis is exceptionally difficult to spot in normal-space - but the centerpiece of the Artemis, and the source of its truly outrageous price tag (over a billion credits per vessel), is its attenuating jump drive. Advances in computer technology and jump theory allow fine manipulation of the jumpwave extinction rate, so that the Artemis' measurable jump signature is extremely difficult to detect unless a ship is right in the vicinity of the jump-out.

All these factors combined to make the Artemis frigate the secret weapon in the CSSS's pocket during the CS-Spartan War - jumping into Spartan systems ahead of an attack wave, scouting out the enemy force and transmitting that data to the inbound fleets as they arrived.

Standard Scout Service Configuration

Artemis Recon Frigate d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 500 tons Hull 10 32
Streamlined Structure 10 3.2
Stealth -4 Sensors DM to detect 50
Armor Ceramol Protection 8 50 12.8
Jump Drive K Jump 4 Stealthed Drive 55 1000
Maneuver Drive H Thrust 3 15 32
Power Plant K 31 80
Solar Panels 3.1 0.31
Bridge Holographic Controls (+1 DM) 20 2.5
Computer Model 3/bis Rating 15 (J/C 20) 3
Electronics Countermeasures System +4 Jamming DM 7 6
Enhanced Signal Processing +4 Sensors DM 2 8
Extended Arrays 18 28
Weapons Hardpoint #1
Hardpoint #2
Hardpoint #3
Hardpoint #4
Hardpoint #5
Fuel 240 tons One Jump-4 and four weeks 240
Cargo 26.9 tons 26.9
5 Staterooms 10 personnel (max) 20 2 MCr
Extras Fuel Scoops
10 Probe Drones 2 1
ATV 10 0.05
Ship's Locker
Software Maneuver/0
Intelligent Interface 100 Cr
Expert (Astronavigation)/3 0.1
Expert (Sensors)/3 0.1
Security/3 0.02
Jump Control/4 0.4
Total 500 1,261,480,100 Cr
Maintenance Cost (monthly) 105,123 Cr
Life Support Cost (monthly) at full occupancy 15,000 Cr


Lavigne-class explorer

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In the waning part of the 2480s, the Scout Service decided to take a second look at the Artemis-class frigate, which - in serving for the Recon Corps - had served as a testbed for many costly, controversial, experimental technologies. The underlying hull, however, was quite conservative and the unusual stresses placed on it by the Recon Corps' treatment of their vessels proved it as a sound design. This led the Exploration Corps to take the basic design of the Artemis-class frigate, strip out the dedicated reconnaissance gear and convert it to a general-purpose scout vessel named after one of their sterling figureheads, Ishrat Lavigne.

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