Archerfish-class gunship

Notice: The following is classified information and is accessible only to Core Systems military units and federal employees with a level gamma-clearance or higher. If you have reached this page without proper authorization, please contact your regional Department of Justice office promptly. No charges will be pressed if you cooperate with the proper authorities!

The Archerfish-class gunship is the smallest true military vessel operated the Jensai navy (the Angelfish-class scout is smaller, but is operated solely by the quasi-civilian Seekers organization). Arguably the best-known Archerfish vessel is Alfedeyim, the ship used to transport Ambassador Shelanna between her ambassadorial duties on planet Holman and consulting with the Jensai Concordance in their chambers on Jensaara. The following is an extrapolation of observed characteristics, and as such should be considered an estimate at best. No CS ship should make an attempt to further probe the Archerfish's capabilities - particularly not where the defensive systems are concerned!

Jensai Archerfish gunship d-Tons Cost (Cr)
Hull 500 tons Hull 10 ??? MCr
Streamlined Structure 10
Armor ??? Protection ??? ??? ??? MCr
Jump Drive K Jump 4 ??? ??? MCr
Maneuver Drive K Thrust 4 ??? ??? MCr
Power Plant K ??? ??? MCr
Bridge Holographic Controls (+1 DM) 20 ??? MCr
Computer Model 4+ Rating 20+ ??? MCr
Electronics ??? ??? ??? ??? MCr
Weapons Hardpoint #1 ??? ??? ???
Fuel 200+? tons Jump-4 and ??? weeks 200+?
Cargo ??? tons ???
24 Staterooms 48 personnel (max) 96 ??? MCr
Extras Fuel Scoops
Ship's Locker
2 Lifeboats 40 ???
Software Maneuver/0
Jump Control/4 ???
Total 500 ??? Cr
Maintenance Cost (monthly) ??? Cr
Life Support Cost (monthly) at full occupancy ??? Cr
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