Arcadia is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the AuraxisSystem of Titan Sector.

Planetary Data

Arcadia is an Earth-sized planet with a thinner atmosphere then its size would suggest, averaging only around .6 PSI. The water content of Arcadia is much higher then the standard of Earth, with over 80% of its area taken up by crisp, blue ocean. This has limited the maximum Human population possible, but has lead to other endeavors. Given its low population of only a few hundred thousand, they have elected to emplace a feudal technocracy. They maintain a low level of banned substances, as they tend to be one of the more open, friendly, trusting societies.

Geographic Data

Arcadia is 80+% water. Most of these are wide salt water oceans, but there are a few land locked freshwater lakes similar to Earth's Great Lakes. The population is content to live on the single large landmass on the planet, though there are some who decide to live on the thousands of small islands that dot the world. The starport makes its home at the capital city, which is coincidentally the only city on the planet.


There's not much to say about Arcadians. Since there's only a single large city of them, they're all, well, to offworlders theres probably not a whole lot of difference. And since offworlders are fairly rare, this hasn't been documented in full anyways. A Navy base is stationed in orbit around Arcadia, and there's a sizable research facility on planet. A TAS station is present in the starport.


Arcadia is the major agri-center of Auraxis, supplying the entire system with food, both organic and synthesized. Aside from its food production, it is the biggest agritech center in all of Titan, and the pinnacle of of the Republics botanical sciences.


They elect a mayor and shit

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Arcadia is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):


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