Araxa Zardsparam

Age: 42

Str 3 (-1)
Dex 6 (+0)
Endurance 6 (+0)
Int 8 (+0)
Education 14 (+2)
Social 8 (+0)

Admin 1
Advocate 1
Art (writing) 0
Athletics (endurance) 1
Broker 1
Comms 1
Diplomat 1
Investigate 2 (+1 from cyber-eye)
Language 0 (Farsi)
Leader 1
Melee (Tulwar) 2
Streetwise 1
Survival 1
Persuade 1


  • 4 ship shares
  • Aba and caftan
  • Familial Tulwar
    • TL 2
Name Weapon TL Range Damage Heft Mass (kg)
Familial Tulwar Sword 2 Melee (large blade) 2d6+4 -1 1
  • Cyber-eye
    • Cyber-eye enhancements (truth detecting)
  • Holoprojector
    • TL 12
  • Computer/4


6,000 65tlqv.gif

Two Servants;

Arnaut (4), Legal Assistant

  • Advocate 1
  • Diplomat 1
  • Streetwise 1
  • Language 1 (Anglish, Farsi)

Jamsheed (2), Personal Physician

  • Medic 1
  • Life Science 1

As a young man, Araxa was born into a minor clerical family on Sotherlane. They served as low-level administrators at a pilgrimage waystation for missionaries leaving the region. Araxa himself, at the age of 18, was accepted into a program to develop young clerks and did phenomenally well. Between the ages of 18 and 22 he was promoted based off of recognition and was taught the use of his family tulwar while furthering his education.

However, enemies of his family revealed a dark secret in order to eliminate the Zardsparam influence on Sotherlane: His father, Gaomont, was guilty of consorting with aliens in his youth. When this information became public, Araxa was forced to resign his position in shame. Fleeing his homeworld, he sought to join into the ranks of the merchant class in order to work his way back up to the graces of the Penitents.

After being licensed as a financier, he joined the workforce of Armand-Dettwiller Starlines, S.A. Serving as a minor functionary for several years, his status improved and he was selected (possibly because of his well-known habit of practicing sword-stances) to be trained in an elite bodyguard capacity for several of the more senior executives in addition to his other duties. He was promoted to a liaison in the family, but the very following year he and several of the senior staff where captured in an anti-noble raid. Leading the defense-staff, he initiated a daring escape and they cut their way to freedom.

Two years later, there was a death amongst the high-ups of Armand-Dettwiller and, for his service, Araxa was invited to attend a week-long funeral ceremony where he made contacts with many of the other important members. However, he was later the target of a terrorist attack himself, staged in vengeance for the radicals previous failure. This time, he was confronted and shot; the bullet grazed his face and destroyed a portion of his cheek and left eye. (+1 athletics/endurance - TS shot me!) His release was eventually arranged by Ithica Washington, and many cosmetic repairs where paid for by Armand-Dettwiller. To this day his left eye is a cybernetic replacement.

Several years later, Araxa and TYRANTSNAMEHERE worked together on a major legal acquisition (+1 advocate) for the family. After successfully arranging this, Araxa was promoted to the capacity of Advisory.

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