Antonin-class Pocket Carrier

The Antonin-class carrier is a holdover from the late part of the Human-Skaald War, a design shelved when the practicality of using small craft without jump capability was in question during a war where capitol ships were regularly lost and planets were regularly being annihilated by weapons of mass destruction. It found new life in the Core Systems-Spartan War, where small carriers could project power with a squadron of fighters over more space without being considered as high-importance of targets as large battleships might be, and thus could take care of smaller skirmish groups without needing a large escort group. Following the end of the war, the Antonin-class has been retasked to high-risk areas as a pirate hunting platform. It is in this capacity that the Antonin-class has recently seen a resurgence of positive public opinion, as an actual (decommissioned) carrier, CSRS Sentinel, has been posited as the home base of the fictional titular fighter squadron, The Retributors.

Antonin-class pocket carrier, Rev.C d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 5,000 tons 450
TL12 Closed Structure Hull 50
2 sections each Structure 50
Armor Ceramol Protection 4 250 100
Jump Drive Jump 2 150 300
Maneuver Drive Thrust 2 62.5 31.25
Power Plant Power 2 100 250
Bridge 1/section 500 500
Computer Core/3 Rating 40 12
Electronics Basic Military +0 Jamming DM 2 1
Bays 4-Missile Bay-Special-12 204 48
Turrets 30-Triple Turret (beam/beam/sand) 30 97.5
Ammunition 720 Basic Missiles 60 0.9
400 Sandcaster Drums 20 0.2
Fuel 1,200 tons One Jump-2 and six weeks 1,200
Cargo 563 tons 563
Staterooms 95 personnel (max) 210 26.25
Low Berths 49 personnel (max) 24.5 2.45
Extras Hotspur launch tube 1,000 500
3 Briefing Rooms 12 1.5
Craft 12 F3 Hotspur fighters Full hangars 624 652.32
Software Maneuver/0 -
Library -
Intellect 1
Evade/3 3
Jump Control/2 -
Total 4,437 2,977,370,000 Cr
Department Crew Crew Damage Track
Command 10 Dead (-)
Engineering 5 Survivors (-4)
Gunnery 15 Skeleton (-2)
Troops 15 Half (-1)
Flight 35 Weakened
Service 15 Full
Frozen Watch 49 Battle
Total 144 Overstrength
Passengers Massively Overstrength
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